The Big Green Leaf

I love foliage plants however this posting has been much trickier than I anticipated. I have more than green foliage plants but when I finally was able to get out with my cameras, between rain and winds, it was clear that there were enough greens to go round for this posting. Perhaps a follow-up posting is now on the cards!

Video presentations are great for postings like this and I always enjoy making them. Emma had hinted that one would be nice so that was enough for me! However, I understand that not everyone can view them so I thought I would make up some photo montages too. To see all the postings go to Emma’s original post and if you have posted just leave a comment there too so others can share in your foliages feasts.

Griselinia has ended my video and has to be the first photo here too. This is my favourite of all the green foliage plants in my garden and I have had this plant a long time. It came in a pot from my last garden, a severe winter a number of years ago nearly killed it off but after a cruel, very severe pruning back it came. I just love it.

Sorting my photos I found myself looking more and more at the different leaf shapes. How varied they really are and I have only a small sample. Starting at top right this first montage has Thalictrum, Sea Holly and Buxus, Euphorbia and Fern, Rosemary, Geum, Hosta and fern.

Hellebores start the next montage and although they have wonderful flowers I have always enjoyed their foliage just as much. The same goes for the Wisteria and Choiysa although they both do have such wonderfully scented white flowers.

Aegopodum with its variegated leaves is great in the very shady corners of my back garden and is seen with ferns and the Hosta ‘June’ which grows a deeper colour there too. The Acers leaves in the final photo don’t really do it justice. Again this is in a shady corner but I didn’t manage to capture the warmth of the green it has.

Duck weed in my pond I am guessing is the smallest green leaf in my garden and starts the next montage. Last year I planted Teasel in the hope that I will catch photos and video footage of goldfinches feeding on its seed heads. This year it has grown large leaves although not quite as large as the Gunnera. Sulphur heart Ivy, Chinese Palm with Choiysa Ternata and a ground Ivy that I lifted from under my hedge complete this next set.

Bronze Fennel which starts of a darker green and the fine leaf of the Shasta Daisy look good with the background of the Sulphur Heart Ivy. The Hart’s-tongue Fern and round leaves of the Asarum look great in shade. All summer long I love to see the leaves of the Japanese Anemone as they increase in numbers as the clumps mature but in their case I am willing the flowers on for their late display.

The clematis leaves also look good but we are usually drawn to their flowers. Finally we come to the Acuba. I have to say I am growing a litle tired of it but as my plant is a good size and stops wind getting around round and under my pergola I guess it will be there for a while yet!

Bergenia is on my list for plants I wouldn’t be without. I just love its thick strong leaves. Then there is the very light and delicate leaves of my compact Astilbe ‘Sprite’ tucked amongst the green leaves of my primulas. I have pieces of Bamboo root in a pot and it is growing on happily as well as the main plant in my video.

Finally, in this group with more Bergenia growing behind it we have one of many clumps of the smaller Alchemilla conjuncta. I allow this to seed itself a little as it isn’t as rampant as the larger Lady’s Mantle. I love it growing alongside rocks and through the gravel.

The Cristata Fern almost completes the selection of green foliage in my garden at the moment. I have still missed a few plants out. There are still more ferns tucked under my Gunnera and in cracks between rocks all around my garden. I couldn’t get near some of them with my camera.

Why, oh why, then have I photographed this last leaf of my post? Well, the answer to that one involves two young ladies living in my garden – my daughter’s guinea pigs. They absolutely love dandelion leaves so now they have become the most hunted green leaf of my garden!

The video and photos shown above were taken in my garden on June 30th 2008.

20 thoughts on “The Big Green Leaf

  1. I think you have the most beautiful green foilage plants Shirl. It makes me want to plant some of them that I don’t have.

  2. Shirl, What a lovely montage of greenery in video and photos. So many wonderful textures, sizes, shapes, lengths and widths to feast our eyes on… leaves me feeling refreshed. thank you for rounding up participants for this fun project… it was a new way to look at the garden!
    Meems @hoe&shovel

  3. Ooooh… so lovely, Shirl! I can’t even say which is my favorite–I really do like them all. (Yes, even your dandelion! lol.)

    I am disappointed I missed the fun this time, but am happy to have found out about it in time to hop on over to Emma’s and check out all of the gorgeous greens.

  4. It’s very relaxing to see all the greens in your garden. Without all the greens as a backdrop, the flowers would seem “harsh” with their colors and shapes.

    Carol, May Dreams gardens

  5. Just gorgeous! I loved the video and your collection of green foliage is amazing. Very impressive.

    I just loved it all. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. Your video is a lovely way to showcase the foliage. The wind was doing its best to add movement to your movie. This is a good collection of leaf variations.

  7. Lovely Shirl. I’ve enjoyed doing this meme too and you’re right it’s made me look so much harder and appreciate leaves.

    If you need any dandelions, I can send you a bale of them – the public land next door’s stuffed with them!

  8. Terrific collection of greens, I love the Asarum, I think I fell in love with that on Tom Stuart-Smith’s Chelsea garden; I am going to have to buy me some.

  9. Hi there Lisa, Meems, Kim, Perennial Gardener, Carol, Debbie, Northern Shade, VP and Zoe 😀

    Lisa – Thank-you! I really had probs choosing which ones to show. I loved your hostas they are my first love in foliage plants. Happy shopping 😀

    Meems – Thank-you, you have such lush and varied foliage in your garden. You are welcome! When I heard Emma was organising this posting I knew there would be many keen to join in 😀

    Kim – Sorry you didn’t get my message in time 🙁 After my preview post I went to Blotanical as I could get round more people in a quicker time which was lucky as I had long breaks in internet connection over the weekend. I guessed a number, like you, would be interested and once they posted more and more would find out about it. Ah… but you did discover the postings in time to browse them. I’m glad 😀 There are some great plants and planting combos in them. If you want to do a posting on foliage again (maybe in 6 weeks or so as it’s the school hols here) just get in touch. I’ve lot’s more foliage 😀

    Perennial Gardener – Thank-you! I love the ferns too and there are so many lush plants in the other posts too. I enjoyed seeing yours too 😀

    Carol – Thank-you, I agree completely about the relaxing greens and their use as a backdrop for flowers. Your post gave a different angle on them too. I will be looking out for the Heliopsis now – thanks 😀

    Debbie – Thank-you I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was all a bit late but I did get their after a fashion. After a break I think I will return and post some more. You are welcome – I have enjoyed sharing all the foliage from other gardens too 😀

    Northern shade –Thank-you, this is sometimes where the video works better than the still camera as it has the bonus of capturing the movement especially on windy days. Yes, it was tricky deciding which plants to show and although Jack Frost ended up on the cutting room floor he will return! I loved your presentation of photos, especially the ferns. You have quite a collection of varied foliage plants too 😀

    VP – Thank-you I’m glad you enjoyed doing this too. lol. Yes I do sometimes have a shortage of dandelion leaves and even tried transplanting some into a trough with turf. I hear you laughing 😉 It didn’t work very well and I ended up pulling them fully out. I have just been looking at your slide presentation and will be over to comment later. You have a great selection of foliage plants 😀

    Zoe – Thank-you. Ah… the asarum I discovered at a Nursery stand at a garden show. I have been thrilled with it and it is slowly seeding about. There are two images of the same plant in the video and the darker one gets less sunlight as you would expect. Your slide presentation was one that I definitely didn’t expect. I’ve never seen one like that before – what a fun way of doing it 😀

  10. This is just lovely…beautiful greenery and technical skills all in one blog!

    Thanks for encouraging this meme.


  11. That’s a really lovely way to show off green leaves. Your combination of hosta and fern is to die for

  12. Lovely montages, all so different with such different shade, textures & sizes. Who needs flowers? (BTW My computer’s been balking at getting me to your comment page lately. So I haven’t been able to comment so much.)

  13. Shirl, I have no doubt I’d love to get lost in your garden! I love greens and am glad to see someone who loves some of the same ones I do. Gorgeous montages, Shirl!

  14. You have a wonderful display of foliage plants, Shirl. I so enjoyed your videos of the garden. They are so clear. I can’t remember seeing so much texture and greenery of every shade of green too 🙂

  15. Hi there Gail, Victoria, MMD, Kylee, Wildlife Gardener and HappyMouuffetard 🙂

    Gail – Thank-you, I have great fun both planting and filming. You’re welcome I just knew so many people would be interested in this. Have a great weekend 😀

    Victoria – Thank-you! I love that area of planting. You have some great green plants yourself! Have a great weekend 😀

    Mr McGregor’s Daughter – Thank-you, I agree the foliage plants do so much more without a flower! Re the comments I tested it after you posted this and it worked fine. However, I have had probs myself here too and occasionally on other blogs. What has worked for me is instead of selecting the ‘publish your comment’ button on the left had column below your previewed comment I have gone to the top of the right hand column and selected the button there. That seems to work okay. Sorry you have had probs, I know it is a proper pain. Have a great weekend 😀

    Kylee – Thank-you and after seeing your gorgeous greens I could get lost in your garden too! We do have a lot of plants in common. Have a great weekend 😀

    Wildlife Gardener – Thank-you, it is amazing how many plants there are when you get out your camera. I am glad you are enjoying the videos. I am experimenting with them more now. Your poppies will be a riot of colour soon. So sorry to read that you have lost another cat. Enjoy you garden this weekend 😀

    HappyMouuffetard – Thank-you, you have quite a collection yourself! Ah… the tree fern! I tried growing it and did survive for a few years but then I tried to toughen it up by giving it less winter protection and needless to say lost it! I see we have a few similar plants including the coral barked Acer – I love that tree! Have a great weekend 😀

  16. Shirl — Wonderful photo montage of the foliage in your garden. Thanks for sharing and thanks for spreading the word about “A Big Green Leaf.” I was delayed but have finally put up my post. Have a great weekend. — Good Acres

  17. I love leaves. My husband says a plant should always have flowers but I must admit I disagree. Hostas are my favourites. Your post was inspirational, thank you for spending so much time on it, it has given me some great ideas. Just to let you know my flycatcher chicks hatched on Sunday (only two) Mum/Dad are finding it hard to find flys… so fingers crossed. Jane

  18. Hi there Good Acres and Jane 🙂

    Good Acres – Thank-you. I am glad you enjoyed this posting too. I caught your post too and loved the leaf underside that looked like an aerial shot! Have a good week 😀

    Jane – Oh… I love hostas too! When I began this garden I had a whole bed of just them then one year they all decided they were unhappy there and looked miserable. I decided it was time for them to have a holiday and they have been travelling around my garden ever since 😉 Thank-you I am glad you enjoyed this posting. I looked in on your blog when the flycatchers returned but unfortunately browsing and comments have been tricky recently as our internet connection has been failing in the evenings and at weekends. Oh… I’d better pop over later tonight to see how they are doing 😀 Have a good week 😀

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