Thank-you so much….

I am absolutely chuffed to bits this evening after following a link to the 2008 Blotanical Awards to discover that I have been nominated in the Best UK Blog category! I had popped over to make my voting selections as the deadline is on Sunday 28th September. What a surprise this was. I would like to thank all the blotanists who have voted for shirls gardenwatch. I am touched.

I would also like to thank this little chap in the photo above as without his visits to my garden there would be no blog at all!

For those who don’t know – I started this blog back in November 2007 as a way to share photos and video footage of the European Robin with my friend in Australia who was missing Scotland. I had no idea when I started back then how much fun it would be, how much I was to learn and how many new friendships I would make. Would I recommend blogging? Oh yes… I would!

Would I recommend Blotanical as a way of discovering new garden blogs? Oh yes… definitely! In fact one more thanks is in order here… to Stuart and the Blotanical team for all the hard work they have put into the site – well done.

Only members of Blotanical can vote in these awards. You can make your votes by following the link at the top of my post or through the badge at the top of my sidebar. What a selection of categories there are for voting too – this looks a great success.

Congratulations on your 1st Blotanical Awards, Stuart!

Oh… and one final thing. Guess where Stuart is based? Australia, now what a coincidence is that!

The photo of the Robin shown above was taken in my garden in January this year.

14 thoughts on “Thank-you so much….

  1. A marvelous coincidence Shirl. I am so glad that you started your blog. I so enjoy all your posts.

    I love the word “chuffed”. I have learned so much about the nature in your area as well as new colorful words to use.

  2. Hi again Nancy, Carol, easygardener, Lisa and Jane Marie 🙂

    Nancy – Thank-you, and thanks too for all the positive comments you have given me 😀

    Carol – I really was absolutely chuffed – thanks! I am guessing you are chuffed too with all the nominations you have had. The garden blogging world just wouldn’t be the same without May Dreams Gardens 😀

    easygardener – Thank-you! It really was a surprise 😀 I have so enjoyed blogging and have great fun with my video editing (lots more to come). The more feedback I get, on the videos especially, makes me want to do more – thank-you 😀

    Lisa – I love coincidence don’t you? Thank-you, I know you especially enjoy my bird and wildlife posts and they have been few and far between this summer. Normal service will be resumed soon 😀 The truth is that this has summer has been quite different. I have been spending a lot of time with my daughters and helping get my eldest (and first fledging) ready for Uni. These past two weeks have been both stressful and emotional and as a close family unit we are still adjusting to this change. Ah… ‘chuffed’ I love this word and I assume you got its meaning – really, really pleased and touched! Funnily enough, last week I picked up a small Scots dictionary (for accurate translation) as I plan to drop in occasional Scots tongue into future posts – especially for my friends outside the UK 😀

    Jane Marie – Thank-you, like everyone who has left comments above, it is very kind of you to say so 😀

  3. Hi again Mike and VP 🙂

    Mike – Thank-you! I enjoy the time working on my blog. I see it as a ‘small’ creative outlet. I have fun with it. I have enjoyed seeing yours change too. However I must say that your photos of garden birds are simply stunning and always make me smile 😀

    VP – Why thank-you – and to you too ;-D Wow… two nominations – you must be well chuffed. What fun!! You have such a fantastic range of topics in your blog (including recipes) and I really should make time to visit more. I applaud your fundraising for ‘Water Aid’ via opening your garden. You are most deserving of your award nominations 😀

  4. I love that term ‘absolutely chuffed’. May I borrow that? You have a lovely, informative and interesting blog with great pictures! Always a good read. Congrats!

  5. Hi again Layanee & Cheryl 🙂

    Layanee – Lol – yes please feel free to use it! Thank-you, you are too kind 😀

    Cheryl – Thank-you, I have been very touched by both this nomination and the comments I have received – I just ramble on 😀

    Wishing you both a great weekend 😀

  6. Hi Shirl,

    I was so pleased to read that you’ve been nominated for Best UK blog and rightly so. And thanks for the heads up, I didn’t know that my blog was nominated as well. I’ve just been to busy to blog much these last few weeks. Being nominated means that your blog is appreciated by quite a lot of fellow bloggers and that is always nice to know, isn’t it?

  7. Hi there Yolanda 🙂

    Thank-you, although I was genuinely surprised by it! I came runner-up and I was thrilled! I see you won your category for Europe – well done you 😀

    I agree it is wonderful to get feedback like this from fellow Bloggers. It really does mean a lot.

    It is great that you have been busy (I hope having fun too) but yes, blog posts are tricky to do then. I always like to think that postings should be done when you have something to share and not with any pressure on time. I’m sure you readers are happy to hear from you whenever and will wait patiently when you are busy – I know I can 😀

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