Autumnwatch 2008 from Dorset

Red squirrels are set to have a starring role in BBC Two’s Autumnwatch this year – definitely my favourite wildlife animal! This is just a quick reminder to say it starts again tonight, October 27th, at 8pm. This programme has inspired many, many new people to get interested in birds and wildlife over the last few years – I have absolutely no doubt!

Autumnwatch 2008 is being hosted from Brownsea in Dorset. You can view the BBC intro video below.

As Brownsea is new to viewers of the programme Kate Humble (one of the presenters) takes us on a location tour which you can see on their website. The video above, as you can see, is the property of the BBC.

The selection of links below may also be of interest to you too. However, I cannot make a link list from this area without including Jane at My Urban Garden. Jane is already in my sidebar links and is one of the most enthusiastic wildlife Bloggers I have come across. She is now also working on Nature Watch Corfu Mullen and I do wonder if she will appear on the programme at some point.

Brownsea Island and Virtual walk
Dorset Wildlife Trust’s Interactive map
BBC Dorset

Finally, I would like to add that I really do believe programmes like this help make children aware of wildlife by the way this programme is structured following ‘stories and events’ through the series. This is all to the good for the survival of some species. Then again, some children have been encouraged to appreciate birds and wildlife by their families from an early age. I am thinking here of fellow blogger Joe and his Wildlife Garden . He has been blogging for the last few months and is very enthusiastic about it and enjoys taking videos of his garden birds too. Sorry Joe, I missed out with a Birdwatch posting with you over the weekend! Oh dear… I’ve just spotted a Sparrowhawk at the feeders! Hope there are birds left for next birdwatch. Ah… but I’m guessing you will be glued to the television tonight too 😀

The photo above was taken at the Scottish Wildife Trust Reserve on July 7th 2008.

7 thoughts on “Autumnwatch 2008 from Dorset

  1. We went to Brownsea Island some years ago when the boys were younger. It is a lovely place to visit with a boat ride to get there and small beaches to watch the world go by on. Although the Island Peacock were a little annoying when we ate our lunch. The boys still remember the red squirrels they saw on the island.

  2. I love the red squirrel……we no longer have them in this part of the UK (sadly)…….but I was so lucky to see two when I came to Scotland for a holiday…..

    Autumn watch is great and as you say it started a lot of people to think differently about their gardens……

  3. Hi again patientgardener, Cheryl, Mike and Lisa 🙂

    patientgardener – Wonderful, thanks so much for sharing memories of your visit to Brownsea. It looks a very interesting place. I too have memories of hols with my girls where peacocks drove us indoors to have lunch. Red squirrels are my earliest memories of wildlife as I went on walks as a child – I guess that is why they are so special to me too. Enjoy Autumnwatch.

    Cheryl – Me too, sorry you are now unable to see red squirrels in your area. I don’t know for sure if they are in my immediate area but I can certainly see them a drive away at Loch of the Lowes. I could have guessed a nature lover as yourself would also enjoy Autumnwatch. Yes, all publicity for people encouraging wildlife into their gardens is valuable isn’t it 😀

    Mike – Sorry, here’s me thinking how excited Jane is with Autumnwatch being in her neck of the woods. I can well imagine how sad it must be for you for it not to be in yours this year. Last year I very much enjoyed seeing your images of some of the characters of the programme like the fox with the limp. Yes, I agree it will still be a great two weeks 😀

    Lisa – I wonder if you were able to view the BBC videos? If so then perhaps there will be more I could show you as the series moves on. Failing that I’ll just have to do more of an Autumnwatch from the my gardenwatch and my local areas. Did I mention that I have a new night camera that I am testing out?

  4. Thanks for the mention in your post. No, I’m not going to pop up on Autumnwatch, but I’ve just done an interview for Radio Solent and they are doing a feature on the BBC Dorset website about me… (fame at last!). I’ve also been helping Dorset Wildlife Trust with their Autumnwatch website. We set up a webcam of the Brownsea Lagoon on Monday. Have a look at the Dorset Wildlife Trust pages to see it (it also has a view again feature, so you can catch up on what has been happening during the day!). I’ve been watching the avocets, cormorants and egrets all day! Must get some work done… Jane

  5. Hi there Jane:-)

    You are most welcome – I couldn’t miss you out especially when Autumnwatch goes off the screens and you will still be sharing the wildlife in this area with us.

    Yes, I saw on your posting that you had been a radio star! What fun for you too. Gosh, what a busy wildlife person you are, you are 😀

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