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…story of the day? Nope… I just can’t choose so there’s nothing left to do but to expand the deadline. I planned this posting to be on ‘my patch’ but it’s going to be bigger than I thought plus I want to share favourite haunts too. Re-think required here. I’ve been collecting photos from the last three glorious weekends and should consider how best to share them.

Perhaps I could try daily postings this week. It’s late tonight so I’ll look at what I’ve got tomorrow. Hope you’ve all had glorious daisy-chain making weather over the weekend too. Have you been out and about on your local patch or have you been busy in the garden?

The photo above was taken alonside the River Tay in Perth on April 19th 2008.

8 thoughts on “Shot of the day…

  1. Hi Shirl, it has rained all day! So I’ve been inside planning my week…I did notice that the swweet Western Daisy is blooming in my grass…it looks like a perfect little daisy only about 8 inches tall! Gail

  2. Nice shot, thanks for sharing! It was a beautiful weekend here Shirl so I was in the garden of course. Rain is headed our way tonight and into tomorrow. 🙂

  3. Those daisies look perfect for a chain. What an inviting patch. I will look forward to seeing more. It rained here all day today. I didn’t get out.

  4. Sun didn’t show until 3pm. No daisy chains here for a few days as I cut the lawn before it turned into a meadow! Fog again this morning.
    What was it a certain political party used to sing … “Things can only get better” 🙂
    Look forward to seeing your pictorial goodies.

  5. Daisies and speedwell and what’s the yellow in the distance? Much more interesting than just grass!

    We finally got rid of our haar, and yesterday was even getting on for too hot if you were digging, as I was.

  6. Hi Shirl, I love all of your posts. All your photos, all your stories…everything;-) I’m having a very hard time coming up with posts, because I have SO MANY photos and stories to share, I just can’t make up my mind…so I’ve done NOTHING lately! Blogging is loads of fun, but sometimes gets a bit overwhelming for me;-) Take care, my friend!

  7. Hi there Gail, Helen, Lisa, John, Linda, Jan and DP 🙂Gail – Shame, but at least you’ll get a head start 🙂 Yes, it’s lovely to see the wild flowers flowering now isn’t. Even the ones we don’t really want! BTW love your wild flower pic for GGW 😀

    Helen – Thank-you, this is a crop you’ll see the bigger pic soon 🙂 LOL, you know in all this fine weather I’ve been out a lot (school hols). Today I decide to get some weeding done and guess what happens? Well, the plants need a watering anyway. Me… I just carried on weeding until it got a tad heavy 😀

    Lisa – They do don’t they? Yes, it was and I lay on it for my photo too – this is just part of the pic. Well, your wish is my command. Your in for a trio of treats! Hope your rain has gone now and you have a sunshiny day 😀

    John – Shame… at least it showed its face I suppose. With longer days you would have been able to enjoy it still. LOL, yes my lawn is yet to get its first cut although this pic was from somewhere else. Room for a meadow would be great though. It’s a shame when fog rolls in and you miss the very early sunshine. I think that’s the best part of a sunny day. Yep… hum that tune 😀

    Linda – Dandelions 🙂 Definitely much more interesting than just plain flat grass! I’ll show you more soon. Yes, the haar can be a pest can’t it but its good you got the sunshine. Yes, I was warm working in the garden one day too. Its great to get back out there again. I’ve this years project in mind now too 😀

    Jan – Thank-you, oh yes I do know what you mean. I’ve heaps too and even more ideas 😀 Oh yes, it is fun. Enjoy it too 😀

    DP – It was, you’ll need to pour yourself a cuppa for the next one 😀

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