Garden Blooms April 2009

Regular taking of photos and posting on what’s in flower in the garden from month to month gives a great overview of the garden on a yearly basis too. Even without keeping a blog it is a great way of keeping a record. Last year’s video for April 2008 showed the plants were behind those in 2007 although my posting for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day didn’t start until May 2007 I still took photos at that time. April 2009 is seeing flowering ahead of 2008 so I guess we are back on track again.

Drumstick primula, Bergenia, Rhododendron, Hellebore

Carol at May Dreams Gardens, a garden blog in Indiana USA, came up with the idea of inviting garden bloggers throughout the world to post on what was in flower in their gardens on the same day. The 15th of the month was chosen. This is a fascinating way to get a plant picture of the world. It also shows how many plants we all have in common too although not always flowering at the same time.

Viola ‘Ruby and Gold’, Snake’s head Fritillary

Carol, still hosts Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day and every 15th of the month asks “What’s blooming in your garden today?”

“We welcome everyone to join us for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day whether this is your first time or your 27th time, whether you have a garden blog or some other kind of blog.

“It’s easy to join in. Just post on your own blog about what’s blooming in your garden right now, outdoors or indoors. You can include pictures, lists, common names, botanical names, whatever you’d like to do to showcase your blooms.

“Then leave a comment and put your name and a link back to your bloom day post in the Mr. Linky widget, so we know where to find your blog and can visit to see and read about your bloom day blooms.

“And like last month, once you’ve added your name to the list, please come back and visit and comment on a few of the blogs listed before and after you. Bloom day is a great way to find new blogs and bloggers’ gardens!” Thank-you Carol, it certainly is!


Oh… I should say later postings are very welcome. My photos were taken at the end of the 16th as it got dark so you could say they are night blooms this month. It was completely dark with some so I had to remember exactly where to find them and watch where I was standing too! When I add my link to the Mr Linky list on Carol’s posting it will be 136th posting. Wow! So without further adieu, here’s what’s in flower during April 2009 in my small garden in Perthshire, Scotland. Oh… I’ve included some buds, opening tree leaves and the first photo of my Gunnera emerging after its winter sleep.

Daffodils, Paper white narcisi, White Fritallary

Wood Anemone, Broom, Clematis, Rhododendron, Allium bud, Primrose

Dandelion, Narcisi, Euphorbia

Brunnera Jack Frost, Tulip bud

Weeping pear tree blossom, Hyacinth, Erysium Bowles’ Mauve, Clematis ‘Constance’, Coral bark Acer new leaves

Magnolia, Pieris

Acer leaves uncurling, Arabis

Gunnera new growth, Meconopsis new growth

Tulip growing in lawn fading away

Just one other thing for those who may have missed my last posting… we have three (week old) guinea pigs that are also blooming if you’d like to see some very cute photos of them. Oh… and for all my birding visitors have a great weekend out in your local patch. My next posting will introduce you to mine! Like in my own garden there’s lots to see.

Happy Bloom Day and have a great weekend!

All photos shown above were taken in my garden on the evening of April 16th 2009. It was getting dark and many photos were taken in complete darkness. Flash was used in them all.

14 thoughts on “Garden Blooms April 2009

  1. Hi Shirl…..I cannot believe how similar our gardens are, despite the difference in temperature. My gunnera has just pushed through it’s winter duvet. Bit worried in case we have a sharp frost and it will lose its leaves…..it did last year…..I may cover it again for a couple of weeks…..

    Love your blooms……

  2. What a spectacular variety of blooms you have there.
    I haven’t seen a pure white fritallary before and will certainly be looking to acquire some.
    I always love violas. They always look so cheerful.

  3. Hi there Liz, Cheryl, John and Helen 🙂Liz – Thank-you! Me too… I always love your close-up pics from your garden. How’s the pigeon doing? Have a great weekend 😀

    Cheryl – Well, indeed they seem to be but you do have a few plants I should include like the violets and Auricula’s. The later really are quite fascinating plants. Do you ever try hand (brush) pollinating yours and saving seeds? Oops… my Gunnera didn’t push its way through! I always peek under its duvet and if there is new growth I just clear the duvet away. The teenager wake-up method 😉 Have a great weekend 😀

    John – Thank-you, I do love their night time looks 🙂 Ah… the white Frit is special, I did plant a few in my lawn but only a small number come up. Maybe they will multiply yet. Yes, I love the violas too but perhaps its time I added a few violets too. Oh yes… the violas do have such cheerful happy faces! Have a great weekend 😀

    Helen – Thank-you, now… oh… I have to admire your drumstick primulas. I’ve never grown the lighter coloured varieties before. Perhaps its time I did and consider dividing mine again too. BTW how’s your nestbox that your son made doing – do you have any nesting birds? Have a great weekend 😀

  4. Hi Shirl,

    Great bloom day post. The tulips we have in our front garden are already out, so it appears we are a little ahead of you in Scotland. Great that you go out at night to take some of your bloom day photos. I think it gives a nice effect too, and the colours can appear brighter.

    Because I have to lock our Rabbits in their hutch at around 10:00, I often see and hear mammal behaviour, especially foxes. Its great fun listening for rustling noises in the dark, if a little scary, don’t you think?

    Have a good weekend

  5. Hi Shirl, vividly beautiful, as always. I love the white fritt, but have had poor showing with my purple ones. Out of 48 bulbs planted, in two hole, only one bloom last year and two this year. Can you give me any hints what might help? Are they too crowded? Need more time? Anything you might suggest will be greatly appreciated. 🙂

  6. Shirl what a variety of blooms and flowers you have already in your garden in Scotland!
    I vacation over the winter in Arizona and have featured many of the blossoms that are in full bloom in the desert!Spring is the best time to be there before the heat of the summer temperatures.
    I have returned home to my Canadaian garden and sadly must say that not much is blooming yet. There has been snow up until a few weeks ago..but now I’m home I’ll do a Happy dance to Mother nature!
    Nice to meet a fellow
    “nature blog network” participant! 🙂 NG

  7. Lovely photos Shirl, I particularly like the Paper Whites, the Fritillaries and the Brunnera. I have never thought to grow Brunnera and will have to rectify that.
    I smiled at the thought of you creeping round the garden with your camera in the dark!
    Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day is a lovely idea which I hadn’t felt I could take part in, not being a garden blogger in the strictest sense, but I realise now that doesn’t really matter so I may well take part next month.
    Which reminds me I must do some weeding!
    Have a lovely weekend Shirl.

  8. Shirl, you have some great flowers here, and such variety! the white fritallary is divine.
    Oh – and the pics of the guinea pig babies (I want one 😉 )

  9. Hi again Joe, Frances, Lisa, NG, Paul & Debbie, DP, ShySongbird and Karen:-)Joe – Thank-you, yes you are completely correct being so far south I’d expect you to be two weeks ahead of my garden. Yes, it was a bit different going out at night to take photos and I liked the colours too. Ah… yes it was when our guinea pigs were out in their outside hutch that I discovered we had hedgehogs visiting. I guess with you having a railway line running along the back of your garden you’ll get many night time visitors. It is fun finding out. Thanks, I had a great weekend and hope you did too 😀

    Frances – Thank-you, very kind as always. Yes, I wish we’d see a few more come up. I did plant more than we see. I have a few clumps that were bought already potted up. They are quite crowded now but still flower fine. Hopefully the lawn ones will bulk up in the future. I do know the frits don’t like being disturbed so that is why I thought the lawn would be good. Maybe it is too dry for them there. I have seen them planted near bog edges. Maybe they like slightly damp conditions. The ones around my pond won’t get baked. Could yours be in a dry area? My pond area only gets early morning and a little evening sun. Good luck with yours 😀

    Lisa – Thank-you, there’s always more when you go looking for GBBD isn’t there? Thanks, and to you too 😀

    NG – Yes, its starting to come alive! That’s the interesting thing about GBBD you do find out more about the plant flowering geography. I know a few Canadian garden blogs and had never realised you got such a long spell of cold and snow. Great idea to balance your time, getting the most comfortable out of both locations. All the best for Spring in your Canadian garden! Get dancin’ 😉 Thank-you, I do think I first spotted the network banner on you blog many GBBD posts ago. Thanks to you for introducing it to me 😀

    Paul & Debbie – Thank-you, it is great what warmer temps and the sun shinning can do isn’t it 😀

    DP – Thanks for the snowdrop link! I haven’t been by Kathy’s blog in a while and I can see she’s been making a few changes. Thanks for this 😀

    ShySongbird – Thank-you, yes I love them too. Now, about the Brunnera I would so recommend it. I bought mine at a summer flower show for its beautiful large leaves. I was completely indifferent to the flowers at that time. However, later that year I had a small flush of flowers. Last Spring we got a few more and this year even more! They are like forget-me-nots but way fresher and with no wilt our mould on leaves. Yes, I was thinking of how mad I was in the dark and hoped it would bring a few smiles. I garden in the dark (with lights) and rain so it wasn’t that unusual for me 😉 Yes, do take part I’m sure you’d enjoy it and meet some new people too. I would suggest you post on the evening of the 14th (as soon as Carol gets her posting up) so your posting appears near the top of the Mr Linky list and that way Carol and the first group (at least) would see your are new and are very likely to pop by to see you. It is fun but watch the clock if you go browsing! Yep, I off to do weeding again (the cracks in the paving – real pain) before the rain comes. It looks like finally our spell of glorious weather could break. The garden could do with a water though and the plants will step up a gear in growth then. I love this time of year. Thanks, I did wishing you a great week 😀

    Karen – Thank-you, I cannot believe how many you have had yourself! The white frit is rather special. Oh… these little piggies have definitely been quite different to watch over nest building and chicks in our Camera nestbox at this time of year! They are so cute too. Although, it would have been nice to see the nest building again. Just roosters this year… aw well 🙂

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