One week on…

… I‘ve used this blog title before back in May 2007. Blue tit chicks were hatching in our Camera nextbox. This was our first nestbox with a camera, our first season with it too and we were very lucky to see this. Sadly the eight chicks didn’t make it but you can read this nestbox story here. You can also read last year’s nestbox diary/story here. We had a single Mum then and once again the eight chicks didn’t survive. It looks like we won’t see any action at all this year. I won’t rule it out completely though. Time will tell. I’ll just have to get my cameras filming elsewhere!

This morning I went out to the garden to capture photos for my posting on what’s in flower in my garden in the middle of the month. I got side tracked a little. I pulled some grass for our new young mum guinea pig and her triplets and then had a different photo opportunity entirely. I just had to share them! Today, they are one week old!

I’ll post on the flowers later this evening. Hopefully later this afternoon the wind will have died down so I can take my photos. Why does the wind pick up or it rain during the times I can capture these photos. No rain today, a blue sky and a few sunny days predicted.

Wishing you a great weekend!

The photos above were taken on April 16th 2009 and are young guinea pig Izzy’s young at one week old.

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  1. Your extended family looks really healthy. They are so sweet. Lovely the way they crowd together. Hard to appreciate they are only one week old.

  2. Oh such sweet little babes Shirl and what healthy glossy coats. They deserved their own moment in the spotlight. Look forward to seeing your blooms when it has stopped raining 🙂

  3. Hi Shirl – sorry I’ve not been around for a while – trying to find time to do a few postings on my blog -have so many photos now… I see the guineas have taken over from the Blue Tits – they are just GORGEOUS! Enjoy 🙂

  4. Hi Shirl,

    Adorable images there, and they look so happy with their mother. It’ll be interesting to see what they will look like in a month’s time- maybe they will be as big as mum. Great photos and thanks for sharing.

    I look forward to your plant posting. I have some more blossom in our garden to talk about soon, but this time, its our apple tree.

  5. Oooh Shirl, they are so sweet and look so glossy and healthy, I just love that rich chestnut colour.
    My brother had guinea pigs as a child and I have never forgotten the day he brought his favourite one into the kitchen and it somehow ended up in a bowl of nearly set dripping! Oh my what a lot of bathing it had to have!!

  6. Hi again everyone I’m delighted you’ve all enjoyed seeing the pics of our unexpected arrivals 🙂Denise – They really are and I’ve not really been a pet person 🙂 Yes, I do love their colour too. Have a great weekend 😀

    John – I agree, they had looked okay in ‘real life’ but the pics have really shown their beautiful coats. I can see that now when I look at them. I was particularly thrilled with these shots as they do this quite often (lining up together) and sometimes the one in the middle goes in the other direction. I’ll have to get a photo of that. I agree, one week old already! I really should put something next to them to give an idea of scale as Izzy herself is quite small. Have a great weekend 😀

    Donna – I agree, me too. Yes, they do look healthy now that they have started talking ‘solids’ LOL. No honestly, now that they are eating fresh foods, I am seeing a difference in their bulk. Have a great weekend 😀

    Lisa – They really are, I’ve been quite taken with these unexpected arrivals. I have never seen them this age before either. We are new to both pets and guinea pigs. Have a great weekend 😀

    Victoria – They really are so very sweet and it’s fascinating to see them copy Mum’s behaviour too. They are right beside my desk here as I type this eating freshly picked grass and dandelion leaves. They are quite active in the evenings when I try to catch up on things (unsuccessfully at the moment) on the PC. Have a great weekend 😀

    Celia – Oh yes… they really are! I’m thrilled so many people have enjoyed seeing the pics. Well, there’s the question. I need to get them to the vets for ID’s on what sex they are first. My friend’s son has just lost his rabbit and is very keep to have one or two depending on what sex they are. The more we watch them (right next to me as I type this) the harder it’s going to be to separate them. We would like to keep one female with Izzy but we may change our minds in a few weeks 🙂 Have a great weekend 😀

    Anna – Oh yes… they really are and I am delighted everyone has been so taken with them as we have. I agree, that is why I posted these pics. Got my GBBD post up now, the rain wasn’t my problem – just the wind and that little’ol thing called spare time 😉 Have a great weekend 😀

    Miranda – Gosh, no probs at all. I know how it is just now. I have been meaning to comment on your last owl posting forever! LOL… yes, in some ways they have. Mm… I’ll have to get out into the garden on a nest search… I think Blackbirds could be nesting in my Leylandii… and I supplied them with a rather lovely nesting box last year! Oh yes… the guinea piggies really are gorgeous and we are enjoying them 🙂 Have a great weekend 😀

    flowgirl1 – Welcome! Oh.. I can understand that! We are new to them (last two years) and they really are delightful and very sociable too. Thanks for popping by. I’ve never come across your blog before and love your pics especially the fields of sunflowers. Have a great weekend 😀

    Joe – Thanks, they are aren’t they? I was delighted to capture them. Yes, it will although I am wondering what they will look like a week from now! Mum is only 4 months old and shouldn’t really have had babies this young. You are welcome, I am delighted everyone has enjoyed these pics. My plant posting is up now with photos taken in the dark last night. That was a different experience and the images came out well. Now… about your apple blossom perhaps you might pop over to Cheryl ( blogger.com/profile/14802468583972118464) as she was chatting to ShySongbird about doing a joint posting on their apple blossom. Perhaps you might want to join them? Have a great weekend 😀

    ShySongbird – Oh… they really, really are and I don’t ‘do’ cuddly pets either! I too love their colour. It will be interesting to see if this changes as they get older. Oops… that sounds like a panic moment with your brother’s guinea pig! It isn’t all plain sailing with our new family either. At this very moment Mum (in indoor hutch beside me) is having her nightly hissy fit! Perhaps she just needs some ‘me’ time LOL. Have a great weekend 😀

  7. They are sweeeeeet. It is hard to believe they are only a week old. What will you do with them? Have they already got homes to go to? Makes a change from bluetits! Jane

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