Flowering in a Scottish Garden

Since May 2007 I have joined many other Garden Bloggers throughout the world in posting on what’s in flower in our gardens in the middle of the month. This idea was the brain child of Carol at May Dreams Gardens in Indianapolis, USA who still hosts it. Her posting links us all together with the help of a clever linking widget. It has been fascinating to browse the other gardens.

Bloom Day has also been a great way to keep a record of what’s in flower month by month and now year by year. As twelve postings for one label is rather a big page to load I have re-labelled all my postings so you can browse through blooms monthly going back the years. This should be interesting for me to see at a glance what I might expect (or not) each month too.

Garden Blooms during January

Garden Blooms during February

Garden Blooms during March

Garden Blooms during April

Garden Blooms during May

Garden Blooms during June

Garden Blooms during July

Garden Blooms during August

Garden Blooms during September

Garden Blooms during October

Garden Blooms during November

Garden Blooms during December

If you are new to my garden this will give you a quick guide to some plants growing and flowering in Scotland. This is a very small sample of what does grow in Scotland and throughout the UK. What I should perhaps point out, if you are a visitor outside the UK, is that there can be differences in plant growth throughout the UK. For example a garden in London will likely have the same plants flowering approx two weeks before they will flower in my garden.

Welcome to my small Scottish Garden.

3 thoughts on “Flowering in a Scottish Garden

  1. Hi there Lisa 🙂Oh wait… don’t start browsing these quite yet! You’ll have seen most of these through GBBD I’m sure too 😀

    Hold on to your hat… I’ve been working on a dramatic change to my non blog links. I think you in particular are going to enjoy this. Hope it works out okay… going live with it later tonight (hopefully) I’ve just completed the admin part but need help from OH for proper tech stuff. Poor man has a just a little more copying and pasting to do yet 😀

    I’m quite excitied about this. It was something I had hoped to do last November but there was too much going on then and since. I’d love to get your feedback 😀

  2. These comparisons you mentioned, were my main purpose for starting my blog two years ago. First I thought of doing it privately, just as a sort of garden diary (which I wrote for years). But it is so much more interesting to see the plants in their various stages….and also to see what’s going on in other gardens around the world, knowing that they are different, depending on the climate/zones and countries. It’s always a pleasure (and interesting too!) to visit your Scottish garden 🙂 !

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