15 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday May 20th

  1. Oh my! Stunning – you have quite the green thumb and quite the good eye with the lens. Very jealous. I’m pretty good at growing weeds. I will have to come back and learn from you – but very overwhelming for such a brown thumb like me.

  2. What a beautiful blue, I seem to remember looking into growing it some years ago and finding it doesn’t grow easily in this area, but you are lucky as I believe it does particularly well in Scotland.

  3. Beuatiful shade of blue, Shirl 🙂

    Fantastic photos too…love all that up close and personal detail 🙂

    I’m only managing to post once a month now…but if you fancy a spot of pond-dipping…come and join me 🙂

  4. Hi there everyone, thanks for all your comments 🙂

    Frank – I know, I am taken with its beauty every year when the first flowers open 😀

    Joe – Thanks, yes I agree it was the colour right at that point I wanted to capture. This first flower (for this year) was tricky to get near and I wobbled a bit as I stretched over the rocks around my pond. The colour of the flower has changed already today as it nearly fully opened. I feel a series of pics coming with this plant. It is quite special 😀

    Rob – Yes, I agree it really is. No, I cannot claim to have had a hand in the making of this plant 🙂 It doesn’t set seed either sadly. Nice story here, this plant was reserved with a raffle ticket at ‘Gardening Scotland’ Show a number of years ago. It was part of a beautiful display and I queued to get it in the Sell-off at the end of the show. I waited eagerly for the bell to ring signalling the moment I could collect my three plants. I lost one of them but the other two have given great flowers over the years. However, I have managed to grow a meconopsis from seed but its flower was almost a lilac. From memory, I think germination is slow. I put my seed tray/pot in a corner and forgot about it. I was thrilled to see so months later that it was growing. A labour of love they are from seed. I think it was three years before it flowered. It was still a thrill to see and I felt well chuffed but it wasn’t a patch on the varieties (don’t know which ones) I bought at the show 😀

    Juliet – Yes, I think they are admired by everyone that sees them! Pity you can’t grow them with you. I know how lucky I am that they settled in nicely in my garden 😀

    Will – It is, yes it’s the Himalayan ‘Blue Poppy’. Yes, a little patience is required with growing this plant from seed but the results are well worth it. Thank-you, this is the first time I’ve taken part with WW and I wasn’t quite sure where to leave my posting link. A happy WW to you too, I’ll need to browse some postings now 😀

    Bumbles – Oops… I can’t claim to have created this beautiful plant (see reply to Rob above). I have the right soil I guess and it likes the location I picked for it. That’s my contribution 😀 Ah… I tried hard with the photo but it wasn’t any easy flower to get near being situated near my pond. Yep… good at growing weeds too 😉

    Carol – It was a stunning blue at that moment! I was trying to post with minimal words (for Wordless) so I couldn’t say that it reminded me of a wonderful evening dress with immaculate layering and flow. Although more open now and the midnight blue has gone it is still gorgeous 😀

    Gail – Oh yes… it really, really is. That blue is breathtaking 😀

    John – Yes, I agree completely. I absolutely adore these flowers. Only some of the gentians can match it for colour 😀

    Layanee – Oh yes… a wonderfully apt description! It is, it is…. I wonder if they’ll be any still in flower when you are over 😀

    ShySongbird – It is an absolutely stunning true blue. Yes, sadly this plant isn’t happy growing in some areas. Yes, the damp and shade in some areas of Scotland are just perfect growing conditions. Oh yes… I really know how lucky I am. That reminds me… I bought three young plants in small pots that will be yellow or red flowers. I should get them planted. I doubt they will flower this year. I’ll need to put special sticks beside them so I don’t dig them up when they die down later in the year. I did that with the rest of them for the first couple of years. They are worth it 😀

    WG – I agree, they are particularly beautiful just before they open. Thanks, the photos were tricky as the plant is beside my pond and I was slipping on the rocks trying to get close. I had many blurry photos too 😉 Ah… I had noticed you were posting again, yep… I’ll be over soon with my net 😉

  5. What a beauty Shirl. I was coveting this plant at the Malvern Spring Show a couple of weeks ago 🙂 I imagine that they do especially well in your part of the world.

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