The lure of the garden

Not my planned posting for today but after Saturday’s posting on the lure of a Garden Show I just had to share what lured me out into my garden this morning…

Monday morning blues… oh yes, I definitely have them alright 🙂

Oh… here’s a much shorter and shyer Meconopsis that I grew from seed. It took three years to flower but I do feel quite thrilled it has. This is its second year of flowering so it looks like it won’t get very tall.

The orange of this Geum really catches my now too – both in the morning and evening sunshine. Both plants won’t last much longer so every day is special with them. Taking my photos I see I have captured a double flower which is interesting to see.

I am checking my Wisteria for its first opening flowers daily at the moment so that also takes me out in the morning. Today’s going to be the day I do believe! I’ll have to keep it well watered now.

So what’s this below that caught my eye? A lonesome Clematis flower on a support near my Arbour… no idea of the variety. That was a surprise today.

Alliums are bursting out all over my sunny front garden but it appears I missed the start of the party in my back garden too! Ah… they’ll need a posting all on their own. I’ll update this later if my Wisteria does come into flower today.

It’s a two for one today… do come back later as I’ve some bird and wildlife stories for you tonight. Enjoy your day.

All photos above were taken in my garden on June 1st 2009.

13 thoughts on “The lure of the garden

  1. Definitely worth having the ‘Monday morning blues’ in your garden Shirl.
    Those first blue photos are stunners.
    I always think it is a pity that the Geum can be such a straggly plant, certainly those I have tried were.
    A lovely colourful start to the week.

  2. Wonderful photos again Shirl, I’ll have to get myself some of those blue Poppies! Do the insects like them?? 🙂

    I hope your Wisteria does come into flower, then I can drool over your photos – oh I do love Wisteria!
    I finally got mine planted yesterday as my dad brought round the steel wire I needed to make a trellis on the fence for it 😀

  3. I remember seeing blue poppies in a garden in Scotland – so beautiful!

    No point putting them on my wish list for our dry, alkaline Suffolk plot. Our Wisteria is over until next year – but it was stunning, hope yours is too 🙂


  4. Exquisite! Those poppies are so lovely… and your shots really capture the magic of the blue! Love the two standing together like twins. Happy June!

  5. Hi Shirl,

    I loved those photos, your garden is a colourful place at the moment. Those Alliums are fantastic and have got to be one of my favourite plants. I think we planted some allium bulbs earlier on this year, but no sign of them yet. 🙂

    Looking forward to your posting later on!

  6. Lovely pictures. Meconopsis are classy flowers – such a pure blue. I can’t grow them here which is a pity because I’m very envious whenever I see them.

  7. What a really stunning blue that is Shirl, I do wish they would grow here! I love the vivid colour of the Geums too, I should get some again, they are so pretty, was that Pretty Betty (London Pride) smiling in the background?

    I have also left a comment on your previous post, I’m always struggling to keep up!

  8. Hi again John, Liz, Celia, Carol, Joe, Dirt Princess, Juliet, Mike, Denise & ShySongbird🙂

    John – LOL… they are such a beautiful shade of blue aren’t they? Thanks, they were my favs although the Geum was pretty close behind. Ah… the foliage of the geum… I have seen varieties look pretty much like that of crane’s bill geranium for messiness. I have absolutely no idea what variety I have as it came from a friend but it is a very well behaved plant with wonderfully compact pretty foliage. When the flowers start to go past I am very keen to trim the stems down so the foliage can be appreciated. Oh yes, this warm weather has brought in the colours 😀

    Liz – Thank-you, don’t know how popular they are but I have seen bees on them in the past before the flower fully opened. Thank-you, my wisteria is so very close to flowering with the white pea-like flowers quite visible. Excellent, I hope your wisteria does well for you producing many blooms year after year. I am guessing it was in flower when you bought it – a good move 😀

    Celia – Yes, I’d guess they may appear in Wales too. They really are so beautiful. Aw… shame you can’t grow them. Have you ever though of putting them in a barrel or deep container perhaps with minimal drainage? Well watered in a partially shaded area – would they not survive? Delighted to hear you had a great show for your wisteria. Thanks, I’m really looking forward to mine 😀

    Carol – Thank-you! Oh they really are so pretty. Thank-you, I was pleased with that blue. Ah… funnily enough I thought the same… the twins are no more but there are other siblings now 😉 Ah… and a Happy June to you too 😀

    Joe – Thank-you, those colour splashes are growing now. Today my catmint (Nepata Walker’s Low) is a beautiful purple blue and would always be a must have plant for the bees – they love it! Ah yes… the Alliums are a strong fav of mine too. Good luck with yours! Oh… as you’ve seen I was too ambitious in thinking I could have got that posting out last night. Glad you liked it – it was pretty mammoth. I’ll have a break for a few nights now and get a chance to visit you and everyone else 😀

    Dirt Princess – Thank-you, quite a star that flower is 😀

    Juliet – Oh dear… sorry… happy to share though 😀

    Mike – Thank-you, I was thrilled with the trueness of the blue – at least on my monitor it was 😀

    Denise – Thank-you, yes I would tend to agree. Sorry you can’t grow them. As I suggested to Celia above, would they not grow in a deep enough pot or barrel? Just a thought 😀

    ShySongbird – It certainly is, in all honesty I had no idea they were such tricky customers to grow. I knew they’d be happy in partial shade and I just stuck them in my border with no extra feed or anything. They are planted with tree and grass roots around them too. They have thrived on neglect! Yes, it is the vivid orange I liked too. Ah… correctly spotted! I know this pant as London Pride but think Pretty Betty a wonderful name 🙂 Thanks for your other comment. Sorry I’ve posted again so soon. You’ll get a breather until the weekend now 😀

  9. Hi again Lisa🙂

    Sorry I missed this comment… you are most welcome and since (as you have seen) my wisteria has been captured in my Bloom Day video for June. What a bloomer it has been too 😉

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