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  1. Lovely photos Shirl, and much good luck for the exam results!

    My wordless wednesday turned in to Muggy Wednesday because there was no way I could remain wordless! 😀

    Your garden looks wonderful, with plenty of flowers and wildlife to share it with [:

  2. Hi there and thanks everyone for your kind good wishes. The post'woman' kept us waiting all the way to 1pm 😮

    Layanne –Thanks… phew it was a wait but it was good news… the girl did good 😀

    Liz – Thanks, for the good wishes too… she was absolutely thrilled… did you not hear her? LOL. Yes, I spotted your muggy just after I posted! Thanks… as does yours 😀

    Laura – Thank-you, it has been a good day… nice watercolours 😀

    Helen – Thanks, yes from memory you’ve got a son around my daughter’s age (16) have you not? I am thrilled to say she did very well and has no problem with her chosen subjects for Highers now. Phew! Glad this is over for another year… only two more to go now. Good luck for your household in 3 weeks time… our schools will be back before then! Next month it’s an Open Day for my daughter. She wants to work predicting weather (not a presenter) and Edinburgh is her only option up here… Reading is the only other Uni at present in the UK that does Meteorology. Edin does Geophysics and Meteorology so that she finds appealing but as places are likely to be limited she is going to have to work her socks of this coming year. Hopefully the Open Day will really inspire her. All the very best for yours 😀

    Lisa – Thanks so much… it was good news for my daughter today. Ah… the daisy shot was my fav too. I needed the early morning walk around the garden this morning 😀

    John – Thank-you… it was in our household and it’s all weather systems for go now… she wants to study meteorology 😉 Thanks… this morning there were so many of the hover flies about. As I said in my comment in your posting I considered taking my video camera out but today wasn’t the day and I my hedgehog footage needs to be sorted first anyway 😀

  3. Glad to hear it was good news. We had to wait until 3.00 pm!! The postie apologised – he said it had been 'frantic', and that he'd been chased down the street by mothers demanding he hand over their child.

    We have had a little last-minute re-arrangement following the results, but all is nearly finalised now and son is very happy with his choice of course and uni for September. I would say the Advanced Higher results were the worst wait out of the 3 – it's absolute make or break time!

    I work at the Uni, but won't be involved in Open Day. Hope you have a good day. Let me know if I can help with anything – I used to work in undergrad admissions, so know the area.

  4. Hi there Anon, Miranda, and Juliet 🙂

    Anon – Thank-you! Wishing you a good week 😀

    Miranda – Thanks, it was and it’s a wonder you didn’t hear her jumping for joy down in Brittany! It was a long wait and I enjoyed my brief walk. The first photo was the Jasmine tumbling over my pergola walkway. There was a slight breeze and the wonderful scent made its way to my garden gate… what a calming welcome as I opened it. Thanks, wishing you a good week 😀

    Juliet – Thank-you, and for your good wishes too. She was thrilled especially after having missed quite a few school days being unwell this past year. This is the first of her main exam years and it has started well. This next year will be the big one to bag for getting uni grades and points. Thanks, it will all become very real when she attends an Open Day after going through all of this with her older sister. It will also be very real for my husband and I as we only have two daughters! Wishing you a good week 😀

  5. Hi again Linda 🙂

    Thank-you, that’s the first year over! Funnily enough we found with her older sister that the Higher Year was the worst wait and it did have an unexpected result that devastated my daughter. We then had to go through the appeal process.

    RE Advanced Higher year it was pretty hard… I only wish the school had advised against doing three Advanced and a crashed Higher! It was tough. Fortunately she only needed a few points for the Uni of her preferred choice.

    Delighted to hear after your torturous wait and re-arrangement your son is happy. I guess if it went to the wire this year it was make or break time. Oh… and we’ve to go through this another couple of years!!

    Wishing your son a good first year! So much I could warn you about but not everyone has the same experiences. My Uni daughter goes back next month to re-sit first year after having an awful year of bad heath causing her to leave – previously having kept excellent health. You don’t want to hear about it. She is not out the woods yet.

    Thanks, I am certain my exam daughter will have a great day… thanks for your offer. It’s great to know someone there should she have issues. Wishing you a good week 😀

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