Remember, remember

… the pets and wildlife on the 5th of November. The loud banging and fizzing of fireworks can be quite distressing to many. We have a tiny guest blogger to chat to you on this today…

Ahem… ahem… Hello and thanks for stopping by. On behalf of garden wildlife I’d like to say we are not too keen on bonfires and fireworks.

Perhaps you don’t see us in the garden during the day so you may not even know we are there. We often only appear when it gets dark.

Yes, Mr Blackbird… what was that? Ah yes… you’d like to see firework displays well away from gardens as they keep you awake too. Good point… well presented!

Oh… and thanks Mr Blackbird for visiting the garden. I do enjoy the sunflower hearts put out for you and the other birds. Oh… and I hear the hedgehogs enjoy them too.

Night or day most birds and wildlife creep around aware of threats all the time…

We stop, look and listen…

We then make a dash for any food on offer…

Oops… caught on the speed camera 😉

There are garden plants to hide under when we are unsure if it’s safe…

If the garden is quiet enough we can stop a while…

Ah… but just like the pets indoors we have homes too although ours might not be quite so safe tonight. This little cave should do me fine and I’ve been gathering supplies of food this morning so no need to go out again tonight!!

However, other wild animals including sleepy hedgehogs may not be in such a safe place tonight. Silly things… they may have wandered under bonfires and are napping this very minute! Oh no 🙁

On behalf of pets, wildlife (and birds) tonight, please (pretty please) keep the noise down in gardens. If you have to build a bonfire please do it just before lighting it as then there is less chance that one of my friends will be sleeping there.

Organised bonfires and firework displays are a great idea and usually held well away from gardens. You could have fun with your friends there. We’ve heard so many enjoy celebrating the 5th of November.

Ahem… I’ve enjoyed my little chat with you today. Thanks for listening. I’ll just sum up by saying… remember, remember the pets and wildlife tonight and over the weekend when you are out having fun. Stay safe too.

See you in the garden next time!

All photos above will enlarge when clicked on. They were taken in my garden on November 5th 2009.

11 thoughts on “Remember, remember

  1. Aaaahhh that was such a lovely blog post 🙂

    For a moment I was back there sitting on the floor in rapt attention of Johnny Morris and some little woodland creatures on a black and white TV…

    Sound advice and beautiful photos, as always Shirl!


  2. Beautifully put together Shirl. How fortunate to be able to take so many portraits of mousy.

    I'm with Magic Cochin. It would have been just the subject for Johnny Morris.

  3. What a delightful post Missy Mouse. You are a dear to remind us to watch out for wildlife while out enjoying our gardens. You are a brave little thing out there in the light of day. I can see why you are out there though. You have such a lovely garden to scamper around in and such a smorgasbord so you will never grow hungry.

  4. Hi there everyone,we’re almost at the weekend… wishing you a good one 😀

    Karen – it was quite sweet wasn’t it and most unexpected too. I hadn’t planned this posting. I was just looking out the window at the right time and on looking at the photos later I could see I could tell a story with them 😀

    Debbie – Thank-you, I took so many too… it was very hard deciding which ones to use 😀

    Katarina – Thank-you, they gave a great opportunity to do so 😀

    Celia – Thank-you, LOL… a very generous comparison! As I said above the very wide selection of photos gave great scope for telling a story and on this day there could be only one 😀

    Sharon – Thank-you, you are most welcome! To be honest I still cannot believe I was there looking at just the right time to take them 😀

    John – Thank-you, it was fun to do. Oh yes… you should have seen the number that got away!! It was so hard deciding which ones to use as they all had just slightly different expressions. LOL… yep Johnny Morris does live on doesn’t he 😀

    Clare –Thank-you, you are most welcome… I am flattered 😀

    Patsi – I agree completely. Mice aren’t the most popular of visitors to the garden especially when they eat our bulbs… it really did look endearing though. Yes, there are so many faces of nature 😀

    Lisa – Thank-you, so glad you enjoyed it 😀 Yep… that mouse really is in mouse heaven… oops wrong turn of phrase… I suspect we will get cats pondwatching if it makes its winter home in these caves 😮

    Chookie – You are quite correct. This little visitor is a wood mouse with its larger ears 🙂

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