The sounds of the night

Dare you stand out in your garden as darkness falls and listen… what would you hear? Could something out there be calling you… or could it be warning you off! How can you tell the difference?

Can you identify the sounds of the night? Hands up I can’t and I could do with your help. Perhaps you could turn up the volume in your speakers to hear the short clip below. Keep listening to the end as it gets almost tuneful then. I’d really love to know what this is…

My first guess is a bird but maybe I’m wrong. I went through all the audio clips on the RSPB website listening to the most likely suspects but I’m at a complete loss as to what this is and why it’s making such a racket. It sounds a lot louder standing in the garden. The first time I heard this I considered it was lost and trying to communicate with others. LOL… Close Encounters springs to mind now!!

Late last night I finally worked out a way to send my query into the BBC Autumnwatch Unsprung questions. My recording was taken with a video camera. After going through YouTube as usual I uploaded my blank black video with sound.

I expect it takes a while to process and select questions. Perhaps there isn’t time to include this now anyway. I thought I’d give it a shot. I’m going to ask in the birding forums next. I like a good garden mystery… don’t you?

Okay… as they say in another BBC programme “don’t have nightmares, do sleep well”. LOL … it’s only a garden visitor after all. How about some gentle sounds from the morning garden to ease you into the weekend?

Let me introduce you to the star of yesterday’s post…

Have a great weekend listening to the sounds in your garden! I wonder what you will hear… do pop by and share it with us all. Thanks for any ID suggestions too.

The sound video above was taken in my garden just after dark on November 4th 2009. The morning video was taken in my garden on November 5th 2009.

10 thoughts on “The sounds of the night

  1. Hi Shirl. My guess is a Tawny Owl. Often hear the same sound here. They make a 'twoo' song and also a 'kerwik' call.

    See / hear here if you pick the sound of female showing aggression:


    Then again I could be completely wrong.

  2. we have that noise too – I always thought it was a screech owl which is another name for a barn owl – I shall be very interested in everyones comments

    (I know nothing about bird sounds 🙂 )

  3. It does sound like a bird, Shirl — I'm going to send this to my ornithologist daughter and see what she thinks. 🙂 The video is sweet! 🙂

  4. Hey Midmarsh John you beat me to it. I think its a Tawny Owl. They make an amazing array of noises (not just the twit-woo that we are used to).

    Have you read the wonderful books by Chris Ferris (no long in print I don't think, but I've been able to get some on Ebay). She basically went out every night and followed badgers, foxes and other "night" animals. Becoming very close to them. They are amazing books. I'd recommend them to anyone who loves wildlife.

    She writes quite a lot about tawny calls in one of her books, and how it changes from season to season.

    Jane x

  5. I have no idea what that call is. I enjoyed hearing it though. What excitement if it is a Tawny Owl.

    Missy Mouse looks more like a rat in this video with that long tail trailing behind.

    Have a great weekend Shirl.

  6. Dear Shirl – after watching Autumnwatch last night have at last identified the same calls that we have in our woodland here – the video clip you have is infact a female Tawny Owl – the male call is the more traditional twit twoo sound – there seems to be a number around our garden at the moment which is just great! Hope you have a good weekend Miranda x

  7. Hi Shirl – thought you might like this link – if you click on the Tawny Owl link you can hear both the female and male together to give you an idea of both calls. There are also others – this is a great website for owls and what to do if you find one barnowltrust.org.uk/infopage.html?Id=1

    Miranda x

  8. Thanks everyone… gold stars to John, Jane, Penny and Miranda for correct ID 😀

    Karen, sounds like you’ve got one too and perhaps a female also 😀

    Nancy, it was. I have to say I did wonder if this was a bird of prey but it didn’t sound like an owl to me. Interesting to see what your daughter will make of this. Here the consensus is a female Tawny Owl 😀

    Jane, thanks for the info. Sounds very interesting 😀

    Lisa, it is exciting! Thanks, wishing you a great weekend too 😀

    DP, your comment made me smile to think of that. I have a link in one of my menus to a feeder cam in a rainforest where I can see hummingbirds feeding live… the internet really does open up the world to us 😀

    Miranda, wasn’t that an amazing coincidence that Autumnwatch featured the Tawny Owl. Delighted to hear that in Brittany you are hearing them too! Yes, many also say our call is from a female. Thanks for your second comment with link which I hope others will enjoy too. I’ll have to check I’ve got this link in my menus. Thank-you, wishing you a good weekend too 😀

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