Crocus rules…

…this month for Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day! After uploading my photo selection I see that many other blogs today, showing what’s in flower in the garden on the 15th of the month, have celebrated it too. Even our hostess for this monthly event, Carol, in her garden in Indiana USA has them in flower at the moment.

Clicking on photos will emlarge them.

Regular visitors will perhaps remember that I planted a number of Spring bulbs in an area of my lawn before seeding it. This has been a great success and such a joy to see transform. It begins with the crocus and is followed by Narcissi and Fritillaries. I love the colour mix and slight variances in the flower shapes too.

Some Crocus clumps grow under my evergreen Leylandii hedge too opening like fireworks on a sunny day like it was all weekend.

Other Crocus clumps are just as eye catching being so delicate standing in the corners.

After the success of my original lawn planting of bulbs I planted a second one that we could see from a window. This time it was a case of taking out small cores from the well established lawn and dropping the bulbs beneath it. I can’t deny this was quite hard work at the time as the ground was quite hard.

This second planting was one solid colour in a river drift along the edge of my lawn instead of the island style planting I made for the first. I followed the curve of a border opposite it. This area gets the sun later and with a tree nearby it gets a wonderful dappled look.

All photos above were taken yesterday morning as the sun came and went. I took them just in case it was raining today. The photo below shows the second Crocus planting via the view from my window this morning. No rain, but a very chilly breeze that would have made photos tricky.

My small planting of Snowflakes can be seen from my window too as you can see in the foreground above. They catch the winds being in a slightly raised position but they also catch sunlight there in the morning and evening. Their dancing often catches my eye as they did yesterday. I just love them there.

My wander in search of blooms yesterday took me past Alliums, Narcissi and Tulips making their way through ground and gravel. I also spotted a small clump of snowdrops in flower and hellebore flower buds still being too modest to open. Mm… perhaps it’s too cold for them yet and they just don’t want to wake up… like the Drumstick primulas below!

Above the Drumstick primulas the furry buds of Magnolia can be seen getting plumper with each day. This plant has been such a joy to see in flower from my window but alas it is on the move. Very soon I plan to relocate it to my new pond area. Why move it?

Well, although this is a small variety it is getting a little bigger in this small space. After flowering, when in leaf, it restricts views of the birds at the feeders and other flowers behind it that I’d like to see from my window. It will change the view quite dramatically but I believe it will be for the better all round letting more light in around my small pond too.

This morning, I gave a quick last minute look around the garden for this posting. I was delighted to spot the first flowers from a clump of primroses that I grew from seed a number of years ago. No other clumps have signs of flowers yet. I bet this plant wishes it was on the move too as birds toss leaves and bark around and over it as they search for food. Once the Magnolia is moved I’ll see this clump in flower from my window which will be good too.

Okay, my offering of flowers for the 15th of March is quite meagre. However, if you are in need of a good flower fix just pop over to Carol’s posting where you’ll be able to browse through many gardens from around the world. Expect to see crocus! Mm… but I wonder what else you see. Happy Bloom Day 😀

The window view and primula photos were taken on March 15th 2010. All other photos were taken on March 14th 2010.

22 thoughts on “Crocus rules…

  1. Amazing photos! Crocus need some frost so they don't grow here, but I enjoy seeing them on so many people's blogs this year…

  2. My husband and I decided that we are going to plant Crocus bulbs all through our yard …we love them! Your photos are great!

  3. I want to add crocus to my grassy areas, too…Thank you for reminding me~ Your photos are beautiful and capture the sweetness of each of the crocus~I admit I love the lilac ones best….but they are are all charming. gail

  4. Hi Shirl,

    Indeed Crocus do seem to be dominating most blogs this month!

    They're still wonderful though, I cannot believe how much I am enjoying mine… Although I have noticed a lot have 'disappeared' I should have some 'prinz clauus' for example but thus far, no sign of the beauty!

  5. Absolutely beautiful crocus flowers, Shirl. I'm sitting here grinning at them – they are a flower that makes me inordinately happy 🙂

  6. You have so many crocus Shirley. They are gorgeous. I have a few clumps. I always want to plant some through the garden paths etc but haven't done that yet. I hope to remember these beautiful photos of yours next fall. They will inspire me to plant plant plant. Happy GBBD.

  7. aloha shirley,

    you have alot of beautiful blooms coming from your garden today and it looks like alot of sweet smelling blooms also…thanks for sharing….i love all the crocus blooms, what a collection – we never see that in hawaii 🙂

  8. Shirl,

    Wonderful collection of crocus photos. I have a lot of those except the pale blue ones. On my list for nexy year.

  9. I just love that you planted spring bulbs in your grass. Maybe I'll actually try it this year since I've had such good luck with Crocus my first time planting them. You have so many pretty varieties!

  10. Hello everyone, Happy GBBD 😀

    Carla, thanks I got great pleasure taking them. Snowflakes… yes a must 😀

    John, I am delighted at how well they are doing in my grass. Perhaps yours are sulking after the cold and snow.

    Town Mouse, thank-you! I did plan a montage but couldn’t crop them further. Sorry you can’t grow them… today must be a real treat for you 🙂

    Darla, excellent idea! They are a new love for me now and I can’t imagine why I haven’t grown them before. I have some in the gravel of my driveway too. Thanks 😀

    Costas, thanks, I think these must be my best crocus captures to date 😀

    Michelle, oh… I would tend to agree 😀

    Sweet Bay, thanks I was delighted how true the colour is too… on my monitor anyway. I enjoyed seeing the lighting too 😀

    Gail, I would recommend it! I’ll try and remember to remind you in Autumn 😉 I know what you mean, when I was selecting the photos to use I could see each one with a different character. I love the lilacs too 😀

  11. Hello everyone, Happy GBBD 😀

    Joco, I was more meaning the meagre variety of blooms having basically only crocus… not complaining though 😀

    Liz, yep, I too am finding a new love for this modest little flower. Yep, we’ve had a few disappear too 😮

    Happy, delighted that I could share them with you when you love them so. You’re not the only one grinning… I was the same when I saw yours… especially Pickwick. I know what you mean about the stripes 😀

    Lisa, they have gone from zero to hero in just a couple of years! I am thrilled to see them each year now. I have them in gravel in my front garden too next to where we park a car. I’ll remind you again in autumn 😀

    Noel, I see you have been enjoying all the crocuses around the blogs today. That’s wonderful when you don’t see them with you 😀

    Anna, thank-you! Oh yes, very pleased although I never rule it out that it won’t return until we are half way through April!

    Randy, thank-you! I have to say the paler ones just seem that bit special don’t they 😀

    Catherine, my grass planting came about as I have been absolutely useless with bulbs due to the fact that I am always moving plants around my garden and generally dug them up or buried them. The grass plantings work a treat. I usually cut the grass around the area until the end of June and then just cut across it then. It is working so far. Good luck with your future plantings 😀

    NellJean, thank-you, I loved the way the colour and texture came through. I guess I was just very lucky with the light 🙂

  12. Such beautiful blooms, Shirl and how welcome they all are after this long Winter, so colourful! I had intended to look for some Snowflakes for my garden when I saw them on your blog last year but completely forgot 🙁 Your Primroses are ahead of mine!

  13. WOW, WOW, stunning crocuses the different "flavors" are brilliant! I love the effect of the clumps in the lawn they remind me of little fairies.

  14. Hi again Jan and hello Lzyjo 😀

    Jan, delighted you have been able to share and enjoy them. Perhaps you could order Snowflakes in the green now so you’ll have them for next year. That primrose is way ahead of the others in my garden too… don’t know what’s going on there 😮

    Lzyjo, thank-you and welcome! I know what you mean about the flavours. (Grin) I love your fairy description… I’ll remember that one 😀

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