Wordless and OOTS

Out on the streets of Perth, Scotland.
End to end Crocus. Marshall Place/South Inch.

The vibrant colour mix.

The delicate pale mix.

A small section of my favourite part to drive/walk past.
A glorious sea of lilac.

Happy Wordless Wednesday. Enjoy seeing what’s ‘Out on the Streets’ at the moment 😀 All photos above taken on March 17th 2010.

21 thoughts on “Wordless and OOTS

  1. Hi again Shady, Carla, Jim and Carol. I’m delighted that you’ve all enjoyed this street planting. I have to say that lilac sea is about five times the length of the strip I've shown 😀

    Shady, you are right there! I was lucky to pass by today as I don’t know how much longer they will last. They were getting a battering by wind hence my less than sharp pics too. Thank-you, wishing you a Happy Spring also:-D

    Carla, yes, they certainly were! I’m delighted to share them with you. I don’t believe there is anywhere else I’ve seen as big a planting myself. With the sun coming through the trees to the right I was unable to get a full very long shot of the whole strip. I was using my small Canon powershot camera that doesn’t support a hood for the sun. I used my handbag on the ground to support my camera and snapped without looking through the viewfinder! I’m delighted how the shots turned out 😀

    Jim, this really is an amazing sight! It has been there for many years now and every Spring it catches my breath away as I drive past. I’ve many times thought about finding somewhere to stop and take photos. Today I deliberately parked within walking distance. The sun was shining at the time and although I didn’t have much time, I’m so glad I made the quick walk. I wish I could have stayed a little longer. There is a very Pretty Church across the main road to the left with raised benches. That would be the place to sit 😀

    Carol, as I said above this planting really does take my breath away every Spring. I’m delighted that I’ve finally taken photos of it. I don’t pass by this that often. I wasn’t the only person that stopped by to take photos today. The transformation overnight when the bulbs open is really quite magical 😀

  2. Wonderful photos Shirl, and such a breath taking scene to see so many Crocus!

    I'd planned to go to our Botanical Gardens this weekend and hopefully catch all the Crocus and even the Frogs spawning… *fingers crossed*!

  3. Hi again sweet bay, Costas, Happy, Lotusleaf, Bernie, John and Liz. I am delighted that you have all enjoyed this crocus spectacle with me 😀

    sweet bay, the planting strip is predominately straight but as there are many escapes now a sea or lake is an apt desription 🙂

    Liz, sounds like an excellent trip there… look forward to your pics 🙂

  4. I've seen many drifts of crocuses in my time but never in the numbers that you have captured in your lovely photographs…..superb.

  5. Beautiful. Crocus are impressive when massed together – if you get the sun of course. A Crocus closed for days on end is a very sad sight!

  6. Did you hear my gasp all the way across the ocean. I wonder why public parks in Canada do not plant small bulbs like this? They are inexpensive, need no maintenance, and are just amazing.

  7. Some really beautiful shots of these stunning little bulbs in this and your previous posting – looks like Perthshire has at last got a touch of sun which I'm sure you must be glad of after the winter you've had.

    Hope you're keeping well and being able to get out and enjoy your garden a bit more now – take care Miranda x

  8. Hi again, David, Denise, Deborah, Miranda and Lisa 🙂

    David, this really is a fantastic display. I chose to take low close-ups to get the intensity of flower rather than a massive blurred strip. The lilac strip was huge. I expect the next time I drive past it will be gone 🙁

    Denise, yes, I hear you on the closed crocus. Perhaps it looks cheerier with the deeper colours. I’m sitting here looking out to a big planting of some deep purple ones in my grass as they wait for the sun to pass over. It is wonderful patch of purple which does make me smile. I like to see them wait patiently. They opened yesterday and we spotted our first bee enjoying them too 😀

    Deborah, ah… I wondered what that was 😉 I agree, to me this one is a no-brainer… you’d think. This planting is at the edge of the park, growing through the grass running along the length of a pavement and a main road. It comes alive almost overnight. It’s wonderful for a while and the only maintenance is cutting over them with the tractor mower which they do anyway 🙂

    Miranda, thank-you, glad you enjoyed them. Yep… we’ve had the sun come out to play here. BTW did you know that Dundee is reportedly the sunniest city in Scotland. Thanks, yes hope to get out in to the garden over the weekend. Wishing you a good one 😀

    Lisa, this is a wonderful sight and I’m so glad I was passing on a sunny day to capture it 😀

  9. To think I was only a few streets away from this today – I didn't realise that the South Inch had such a lovely array of crocus. Just as well I didn't see them as I didn't have the camera with me.

  10. Hi again, Rosie. Hopefully you’ll get a chance next time you are in Perth. This area is getting near going over but the strip on Edinburgh Road between the South Inches is looking good at the moment 😀

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