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Tonight I’m doing a bit of blog housekeeping. I’ve been thinking for some time that I should click that delete button. Don’t worry shirls gardenwatch is safe… unless I make the wrong selection! (Phew… all went as planned)

I’ve had two other blogs that I simply don’t get around to updating. One has had extra bird photos and the other extra plant ones. There have been occasions where I have linked to some postings on these blogs. So I can keep a link intact I have copied over this post and am republishing it here. This posting below was originally posted on October 27th 2008. I have added an extra update on Springwatch returning to Pensthorpe for this year at the end of my photos.

Springwatch 2008 saw Bill Oddie and Kate Humble presenting this very popular BBC Two nature programme from Pensthorpe Nature Reserve in Norfolk – the new host for the show. Viewers followed action from the reserve including nesting birds – all fascinating stuff. However, I would like to highly recommend a visit in person at any time of the year! There really is so much to see – a great day out.

Below are photos from my visit in July 2008 showing some birds that caught my eye. You can read the accompanying story here where you will also find a couple of short, shaky videos (originally uploaded to BlipTV) newly uploaded again. We were on holiday during our visit but if I lived in that area I would be very tempted to buy a Pensthorpe Club Card so I could pop in any time!

My sincere thanks go to members of the BirdForum for their help in ID’s for all but a few of my photos. I am more familiar with garden birds which you may know if you are a regular visitor. I was a little out of my depth here…

Tufted Duck

Chiloe Wigeon

Red creasted Pochard (Male in eclipse plumage)

Common Pochard (Male)

Mandarin Duck (Female)

Mute Swan Cygnets

White Cheeked Pintail

Red breasted Goose


Moorhen and juveniles


Black-necked Stilt (Juvenile)

Little Egret

Scarlet Ibis

Bald Ibis

Maribou stork

Further Update April 21st:

Browsing this morning has just led me to a BBC page on Pensthorpe. Wonderfully, Springwatch 2010 will be hosted at Pensthorpe for a third year.

“Presenters Kate Humble and Chris Packham will be based on the estate near Fakenham, reporting on the latest wildlife drama from around the UK.

“It’s absolutely brilliant news… and a great coup for Norfolk,” said Deb Jordan, owner of Pensthorpe.

Springwatch 2010 is on air for three weeks from Monday, 31 May, on BBC Two.
“Springwatch has proved that nature is endlessly fascinating. It doesn’t matter if it’s really familiar species like blue tits, as the story changes every year,” said Kate Humble, speaking to BBC Norfolk.”

All photos above were taken at Pensthorpe Nature Reserve in Norfolk, England, on July 22nd 2008.

5 thoughts on “Pensthorpe Nature Reserve

  1. Hi Shirl,

    Lovely photos, I'm off to Pensthorpe next month – I bet there won't be much in flower in Piet's garden as most things are behind this year!!! Baaaaaah.

    (but I do hope to catch bluebells elsewhere, last year we caught the end of them)

  2. Wonderful stuff, Shirl. I remember the original post well. Such a variety! It is a good idea to have a repository for those extra photos and things. We use the *page* option on wordpress to keep lists and such that we or others might find useful. 🙂
    ps. wish you were going to Malvern!

  3. Hello again Liz, Lisa and Frances I’d like to wish you all a good weekend 😀

    Liz, thanks, glad you enjoyed them. I didn’t want to delete this one. Mm… me thinks master Piet will have thought of garden visitors at this time of year 😉 Watch out for Kate, Chris and the rest of the Springwatch crew and cameras. The programme starts on the 31st May 😀

    Lisa, not being familiar with water birds I agree completely. So many pretty birds caught my eye on this visit. I’ll probably never see them again so I am delighted to have my photos as a reminder. Unless we go back to Pensthorpe 😉

    Frances, thank-you. Lovely to have you visit 🙂 I agree completely and this was just a small selection of the variety too. Yes, the extra blog seemed like a good idea but keeping it up to date was another. I’ve still got the plants one which I may revamp and use as a plant list. We’ll see. Thank-you, I would love to have gone to Malvern but with my daughter struggling to get to school with migraine and dizziness I don’t want to be away at this crucial exam time. This is the big exam year for her. I am certain you will have a wonderful time seeing so many blogging faces… the plants and show will be good too of course… so I hear. I’ve never been. It’s quite a distance from here and as we never holiday at that time of year it’s never been on my list. Everyone that goes raves about it though 😀

  4. Lovely bird photos, Shirl – I've never visited Pensthorpe, though we're quite close to it – must get there some time before we move away!

    I hope your daughter's exams go well & that she gets through them without migraines.

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