A wonderful coincidence

Just when I as good as gave up on seeing any nesting activity in either of my nestboxes with cameras inside them this year, just look what we have here tonight…

Not just a rooster can be seen napping in our new nestbox as I write this, but we have some nesting material in there too! Now there’s a surprise. I’m guessing that if this bird does intend using this nestbox she will have to work pretty quickly. Gosh, I can’t believe we may have a 2010 nestbox diary to share 🙂

Roosters can get a little restless in nestboxes and can come out of their cosy ball for a moment or two. To my delight this one did revealing herself as a female Blue tit. Now, I can’t be certain that this is a female but at this stage and with nesting material in the box I’d consider the chances to be 99%.

We’ve twice been fortunate enough to see nests being built in another nestbox and what hard work the birds seem to make of it too. Although the image in this nestbox is black and white, I have a feeling we could get good clear close-up images with the added bonus of being able to see inside in lower light levels and in the dark.

Happy endings are not guaranteed when it comes to nesting birds. This is the reality of nature and we have seen this for ourselves. We have watched female blue tits as single parents fail to find enough food for their chicks and sadly they have died. It has been sad to see them all struggle.

I didn’t think I’d be posting for a few days but (after midnight yet again) I just wanted to quickly post this nestbox latest. I have another piece if brilliant news tonight too and with the coincidence of the two on the same day I’ve a feeling we (and the blue tits) might just get lucky with this nestbox this year 🙂

Tonight I’d also like to blow a trumpet of bubbles for a very special achievement by the musician above, my daughter. With a toot, toot, toot too!!!

Today, after continued health issues in her repeated first year at Uni her grit, determination and a sunshine smile has taken her to the end of her coursework and exams. It has not been an easy trot for her. Second year… here she comes :-))))

Tomorrow, I will take the 2hr drive up to collect her… plus numerous boxes and bags. I can’t wait to give her a huge hug! I hope she is as proud of herself as we are of her. As a student physiotherapist, her first placement begins on Monday. We are just thrilled for her knowing how much she is looking forward to it.

Whatever you are looking forward to doing this weekend, with family, friends, in or out of the garden I do wish it is a good one for you too 😀

Update April 23rd:

While answering comments this morning, and watching inside the nestbox at the same time, more material has come in. Some nexting shuffles have been going on too. A story may just be beginning here 😀

The final image below shows how the nestbox looks is as I switch my PC off for now. I wonder how things will look by the end of the day 😀

The top nestbox photos shown above were taken in my garden on April 22nd 2010. The video and final photo was taken on April 23rd 2010

9 thoughts on “A wonderful coincidence

  1. Congrats to your daughter. You have every right to be proud of her. Such fun too to have some birds move into the box. Can't wait to see if anything else develops.

  2. what a good day for you! Congratulations to your daughter for completing her first year. And what a wonderful time to get a bird in your nest box. I'll be looking forward to seeing it again. I have several nests in our yard that we are watching–but with no technological help–just spying on the birds from afar as they fly to and from the nests.

  3. Daughters are a gift that is for sure. Good job on raising such a determined woman. I can just imagine how you are looking forward to seeing her this weekend and collecting all the bits of her life to bring home.

  4. Hello again everyone, thanks so much for your good wishes. A year ago the picture with my daughter was quite different. After viral meningitis, severe tonsillitis followed quickly by glandular fever she was at home trying to recover to start over again. Unfortunately reoccurrences of many symptoms has not made her 2nd attempt at first year an easy one. Tiredness is still a problem yet. She did it though. Well done her 😀

    Lisa,Thank-you. We are 😀 Being able to see into the nestbox is definitely entertaining. At this very moment I have the viewing window open on my monitor as I type this and more nesting material is being taken in. There are moments of the nest build (like just now) where the bird appears to be in such a panic for time. I’ve seen a slight attempt at a shuffle on the floor but this box has less floor space that the other one. This is definitely going to show a different view than the other box. I’m looking forward to seeing what develops too. At the rate of deliveries in the time I have been watching the floor could be covered by the time I get home later tonight!

    Kay, Thank-you… to think it was late last night and I nearly never switched the PC on too! So glad I did. A good day indeed. I really hope we can all see the full nestbox story this year. Ah… watching from outside is good too. When things are not going too well inside (like the weaker chicks getting weaker and dying) you don’t see it. Last year we had a nest in a box without a camera and I did enjoy seeing the parents going in with food and the sound getting louder and louder inside as the chicks got stronger. I just caught a glimpse of the last one fledge. I think three made it! Enjoy watching yours. Here’s hoping I can share with you the whole view from inside this year 😀

    Layanee, I agree there! We never take ours for granted. Thank-you, lol I remember her determination as a toddler too! It has taken a huge push for her to complete this year when levels of stamina became a struggle once again. She did it though!! Yes, it’s likely to be an emotional trip to collect her today. Taking the packed bags and boxes away this time will be quite symbolic too. Not everything will come home today as she will return in September for a new 2nd year 😀

  5. A big hug from us to your daughter and to you, Shirl! I know how happy you will be to collect her and the belongings. The nesting is so exciting, I do hope it ends well for all involved. 🙂

  6. Congrats to your daughter, I bet you can't wait to see her. That picture of her is so cute!
    How neat to see what it looks like inside the nesting box. I hope she's still working on the nest.

  7. Interesting developments in your box, Shirl. Have fun with the watch and keep us posted. 😉 Hugs to your and your daughter!

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