GBBD: And the colour of the Meconopsis is…

‘Mixed’ read the label on the young Meconopsis plants I picked up three years ago. Already being very fortunate in having the stunning Blue Poppy already happy in my garden I was hoping for red or yellow flowers.

Ungrateful gardener then when the first flowers were the colour so many would love to have… Blue! However, a second plant was producing a different cluster format of many more flower heads. I’ve had my fingers crossed and just a few days ago the first one opened… to yellow. I am quite delighted 🙂

Meconopsis flowers.

Don’t you think that yellow is stunning? The only problem for the moment is that this flower is facing away from my window and I can only see it from my lawn pathway. It’s worth walking out for though. Now… I can’t wait to see how many flowers will open at the same time 🙂

The montage above also shows it in its surroundings within the border with the new Blue. Funnily enough, these plants are a lot earlier to flower than my existing plants. They have kept in leaf throughout the winter too unlike my existing ones which die down.

The border above also shows some small species tulips along the lawn edge and the buds of Cirsium growing up through an obelisk which gives this plant support in the wind. Knowing how much the bees love the deep red thistle flowers of Cirsium I like to help them last as long as they can.

For those that don’t know GBBD is Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day. On the 15th of the month, Carol over at May Dreams Gardens invites all bloggers to share what is flowering or about to flower in our gardens. If you want to join in just head over to Carol’s post and leave a comment there then enjoy browsing gardens around the world.

May montage of flowers and buds.

Above you can see that in my Perthshire garden we have tulips just hanging in there (Carnival de Nice) and others going over (Princess Irene). We have one main Rhododendron left in flower and the bees have found it. Some Alliums are now open and many others are ready to follow.

The delicate flowers of Red Campion (which are pink) are beginning to open and soon they will grow tall too as will the Cirsium. My Wisteria looks like it might have a few flowers buds in the making but once again (as last year) I feel the winter cold has spoiled some flower buds and I will see fewer flowers again this year.

Clematis Miss Bateman on the other hand, is soon to open its flower buds and is gearing up to have the best show it has ever had. I think this might be more to do with my pruning though. Miss Bateman belongs to Group 2 for pruning and I think I should take a good look at exactly how I should prune this plant. I also think I’ll take cuttings again as they have been successful in the past.

Rather than go through many more montages and close-ups, this time I’d like to share some longer shots. This first one below is one of my favs at the moment. This is the top section of my Gunnera border that I’ve been working on recently.

You can see my Broom is flowering well just now and the wind blowing through the fence spreads is scent into the garden. You can also see there are two levels. The top area is now level and this will making trimming the corner end of the hedge much easier.

Top section of Gunnera Border. Clicking on images below will enlarge them.

Standing at main entrance of Gunnera border.
This area will change dramatically through summer.
Looking forward to Foxglove Milk Chocolate first flowers.

Behind Gate cool Ferns add drama for now.
Primroses, Cuckoo flower and Hellebores past.
Tiny blue flowers of Brunnera Jack Frost.

Front garden, Stipa gigantea will add drama and Nepata flowers
about to bring wonderful purple/blue here.
Also Red Campion flowers opening and Cirsium to come.

Wisteria bed with Alliums, Euphorbia, Red Campion,
Bluebell, Woodland Strawberry, Tulips in pot
(Queen of the night & Black Parrot) all in flower.

Pergola border with orange Geum, purple perennial wallflower
and Saxifraga London Pride in flower.
White Campanula bells and purple Aster flower buds.

So that’s it for May GBBD 2011. Just as the Drumstick Primula opposite has past its flowering time, I’m just a tad late in time to post this for the 15th here in the UK. HOwever, I’d still like to wish everyone a very Happy Bloom Day.

Now… can I keep my eyes open long enough to do some Bloom Day garden browsing? Perhaps it will be tomorrow now… but I’m looking forward to it 🙂

This post was written by Shirley for https://www.shirlsgardenwatch.co.uk/

14 thoughts on “GBBD: And the colour of the Meconopsis is…

  1. I never met a poppy I didn't like. I don't think meconopsis thrives here, however. Yours are lovely, in both the colors. I hope you get a red one.

  2. I am always amazed to see these poppies blooming in someones garden. They just don't like it here. WHINE..Lucky you to have blue and yellow. They look marvelous together. The broom looks so pretty blooming. Mine is finished blooming now. I like the way the stems look so delicate but it seems to be a tough plant. Happy GBBD.

  3. How wonderful to see all the buds on the yellow poppy…and yes, I too would like to see how many open at one time and how long they will last. Have had no luck with either the blue or yellow so very good Shirl!!

    So many flowers in bloom, it must be a joy walking in the garden this time of year. Sorry to hear about your Wisteria..will hope you are wrong and it is covered in bloom.

  4. Good to see another geum fan – I am a new convert. Love the yellow poppy, I hope it spreads for you. The ferns make for wonderfully dramatic textures. Happy GBBD.

  5. Lovely to be able to enjoy your late spring garden, the hot spell here means that all the spring flowers are gone and we're into summer – I'm not really compaining!Meconopsis is so very beautiful and you're soooo lucky to be able to grow it. Christina

  6. Lovely to see what is happening in your garden Shirl and there certainly seems to be plenty there to keep you busy 🙂

    The Meconopsis are lovely, of course the blue one always catches my eye.

    Apart from one overnight downpour over two weeks ago we have had no rain at all and it is getting desperate here! Everything is flagging. It is such a strange year, I have flowers going over which shouldn't even be out until early June!

    I hope all is well with you and yours and that you have a good week 🙂

  7. Such a lovely garden – I love the focal structure you have built with the ferns. Great perennial combinations, you must have colour all year.
    Best Wishes, Cat @ Abriachan

  8. Hello everyone, thanks for all your comments 🙂 It’s been a busy time since I posted this, sorry my replies have been so late.

    Sage Butterfly, Hello, thanks for stopping by. That path gets refreshed every few years when seedlings take over. I love the extra lift of light it gives this shadier spot. I’m delighted you enjoyed seeing blooms from my garden. Looking forward to browsing your blog/garden. I see you have been working with stone – I enjoy doing that too 🙂

    gardenwalk, Ah yes, that Blue Poppy has stolen many hearts! It’s great to have lots to show/share at this time of year isn’t it 🙂

    Nell, Hello again. Yes, the poppy family is a very large one isn’t it with many admirers 🙂 Pity the Meconopsis won’t grow with you. My red won’t be the rare variety but my fingers are crossed. The yellow has been a joy to open the curtains to in the morning 😀

    Lisa, I do know how lucky I am to have the meconopsis in my garden. There’s the main Gardening Show of the year in Scotland next week and I’d love to pick up a new one for my Gunnera area. I think it would look great there. I daren’t lift and move the ones that are happy. Sadly it looks like I’ve lost one of my original plants – leaving me only one of the three I bought from a Show display a number of years ago.

    Sue, They are aren’t they. There’s quite a difference in growing/flowering times across the country. I like that. Must check to see if there is still blossom on this tree, there’s been no camera time and then there was the wind :-0

    Brenda, I can report that, so far, four flowers are the max at one time. They are opening from the top down and have withstood the strong winds we have had. I am surprised at how long they have lasted – much longer than the Blues. Thanks, yes this is my fav time of the year for the garden. Had a quick walk past my Wisteria the other day looks like my suspicions were correct – very few blooms 🙁

    Janet, yes, it is always to know other gardeners with the same fav plants. I’d love to know what this one is. I’m new to being an RHS Member, perhaps I should take advantage of this and send them a sample for an ID. That yellow poppy has been a joy, if it did set seed I would be thrilled! Yes, I love the variety of textures to choose from too 🙂

    Christina, Yes, the late Spring Garden is my fav time in the garden. It was warmer that seasonally usual here but the winds brought cool air and things slowed down a little. Enjoy your warmer days. I know, I really know how lucky I am that Meconopsis will grow in my garden. You probably don’t want to hear this but I did nothing special to the soil either. Maybe I should look into that now and give it a feed – or maybe I should leave well alone. I’ll have a think 😉

    Scott, Thanks for stopping by and your generous comments. Ah… when that Stipa flowers and the (wild flower) Red Campion and the dark thistles of the Cirsium stretch up with it – it’s quite magical. I’ve been (slowly) working on the area with the geums & heucheras and it (in my eyes) has a bit of magic about it now too. Maybe I’ll get time to finish it over the weekend for an end of the month view 🙂

    Jan, Thanks, plenty to keep busy is pretty accurate. Lots going on. Picked up C this week and that’s her home for the summer which is always nice. Enjoyed the Chelsea FS coverage this week and looking forward to the start of Springwatch on Monday. I guess you will be too! Not had the same Springwatch in my garden this year with no nesting birds in my boxes and no sightings of hedgehogs yet 🙁 Hope you’ve had enough rain for your garden and are both able to enjoy it. Have a good weekend 😀

    Cat, Thanks for stopping by and your generous comments. I recently discovered your blog and want to set aside some time to browse your posts, it looks like we have a few plant loves in common. You don’t do a Meconopsis day by any chance do you? I’m just about to post on Branklyn’s on Sunday May 29th 🙂

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