Bee is for BENIGN :-)

Such brilliant news to receive yesterday – the absolute best! There were tears of relief but beaming smiles are breaking today :-)))))))

Thank-you for all your good wishes in comments and emails. I really cannot believe this nightmare is coming to an end for our family. However, my thoughts go to all those living it just now too. It’s a truly heartbreaking and exhausting place to be no matter how positive you are.

For those who missed the reason behind my blogging absence this summer see my previous post. You don’t need to read it all but perhaps you might find the last image as surreal as we did.

Now the road to a full recovery beckons for both my husband and my garden. Today strong winds are battering my neglected plants. The wind will also be battering my car as I set out shortly for the road trip to the hospital to bring my husband home.

We will take things easy. We do know how very, very lucky we are to be on this road to recovery at all. To my brave, brave husband you are an inspiration xx

This post was written by Shirley for the blog shirls gardenwatch in September 2011.

22 thoughts on “Bee is for BENIGN :-)

  1. Wonderful news – I am so happy to hear it.
    I do hope that you didn't get too battered by the weather and that you are both now home and taking easy.

  2. WOW…so glad I saw your post on my facebook page so I could come over and say congratulations on the GOOD news! I didn't read your last post and didn't know all you and your hubby have been through…but I just read that and wow, that was scary. Glad he can now continue to recover from his surgery AND that you don't have to worry about it being cancer. That is indeed terrific news. Take care;-)

  3. My husband's had lung cancer in the past, where he had to have one of his lungs out and chemo and all that.

    This last January, we had a major scare when we thought it had come back. For about three months I was so stressed, I felt like I could cry at the drop of a hat if I thought about it. It turned out to be a bad case of bronchitis that was making him cough up blood, instead of cancer.

    I know the relieved feeling of a beloved husband's test coming back negative. I'm so happy for you both!

  4. Fantastic news, I hope you are both home now and relaxing in each other's company. Thank you for sharing the good news, I have been thinking of you as my husband is also in hospital this week for some surgery, I know the stress can be terrible. Christina

  5. For some reason I wasn't aware of your husbands illness, after your worrying time the good news must surely be a great relieve.
    best wishes for his speedy recovery

  6. That is such great news Shirl and such a relief for you all. (We've lost someone close in the family to that type of cancer in the past year) I hope now that your hubby is at home that he'll adjust well to being insulin dependant.

  7. Hello everyone, sorry for the delay in replies. With my husband now home routines have been a little up in the air 🙂

    Karen, Thanks 🙂 It was a wild trip home and winds continue… so taking it easy is easy 🙂

    Carolyn, Thank-you 🙂

    Jan, Thank-you for popping by and your good wishes 🙂

    Liz, Thanks – you’re not wrong there 🙂

    Kyna, I’m sorry to hear what you and your husband have been through. I completely understand the crying too. I was delighted to read of your good news when you too feared the worst for a second time. The relief is immeasurable as you’ll know. Still trying to get my head round ours – It is taking a while to sink in 🙂

    Christina, Thanks for your thoughts and good wishes. Sending mine across the windy sea to you and your husband. I hope all is well with you now too and that any stresses are gone x

    David, you didn’t miss anything. My husband wasn’t ill. An annual kidney stone ultra sound with added extra scan picked up an abnormality in the pancreas. The timing of this was incredibly lucky 🙂

    Sue, Thank-you – us too 🙂

    Dave, thank-you, yes absolutely brilliant and the best news 🙂

    Rosie, Thanks, he is home now. No adjustment on the insulin issue yet. It could take some months before he is at that stage. With a small bit of the sugars part of the pancreas left it is trying to work. If he gets insulin now the pancreas would stop trying. For the moment, he has a kit and is monitoring sugar levels every few days as per advice given. He’s also looking out for usual signs of thirst etc. So early days on this yet 🙂

    HC, Thank-you 🙂

    Lisa, thank-you – absolutely fantastic 🙂

    Brenda, Thank-you – fantastic and the best, I agree 🙂

    Catherine, I guess it does 🙂

    Anna, Oh yes… very, very, very best 🙂

    Bridget, Thank-you 🙂

  8. I have been breezing in & out enjoying the wildlife in your garden not knowing until now what you have been going through. Bless you all. I wish you well.

  9. Hello again, Kim & Mike 🙂 Yay indeed Kim and a speedy or steady recovery would be great Mike 🙂

    Hello Joules, thanks for stopping by and leaving your good wishes 🙂

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