Garden Visits (Video): Benmore Botanical Garden

Benmore Botanical Garden is the pick for this weekend’s virtual garden visit. It can be found in a magnificent mountainside setting on the Cowal Peninsula in Argyll. For those not familiar with Scotland’s landscape that’s on the west side of the country.

Benmore is steeped in history and surrounded by dramatic scenery. As a garden it doesn’t stand alone either. In fact, back in the 20th Century, together with two other Botanical Gardens here in Scotland (Dawyck & Logan) it was acquired by The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh which I’ve been covering this past week.

Benmore isn’t open to visitors through the winter. It’s open daily 1 March to 31 October from 10am to 5pm/6pm. We don’t need opening times for our visit though – just six minutes to see this stunning Scottish Garden…

This is not my video. See source on YouTube.

Over 300 species of rhododendron and over a third of the world’s winter hardy conifer species can be seen at Benmore. It’s a garden with wealth of flowering trees and shrubs and something of interest throughout the year. Talk a look through the seasons highlights in Spring , Summer & Autumn.

It’s a number of years since I’ve visited this garden (daughters quite young) but I do remember being in awe of the size and variety of trees there. It was a bit of a trial down memory lane for me when I discovered this video. I loved seeing the avenues of trees and other areas once again. I hope you’ve enjoyed your virtual visit too 🙂

Next weekend, I think I’ll take you to a garden in England. I’ve not decide which one yet but I have decided the one for Christmas. It’s a very special garden indeed. I’ve a bumper helping of video for this one 😀

This post was written by Shirley for shirls gardenwatch in December 2011.

5 thoughts on “Garden Visits (Video): Benmore Botanical Garden

  1. Film zobaczyłam i ten ogród jest śliczny i duży. Miło było popatrzeć na kwitnące magnolie i azalie. Szkoda, że to tak daleko od Polski. Pozdrawiam

  2. I always enjoy these strolls through the gardens in your area. When I look at each one I think it is my favorite. Ha.. The trees here are magnificent.

  3. Oh what a beautiful garden! The rhododendrons reminded me of Sikkim. If ever I get to visit U.K, this is the place first on my list!

  4. Hello everyone,I’m delighted that you’ve managed to view this garden video 🙂

    Giga, thanks for your comment, it’s great that you can visit like this 🙂

    David, this video was such a treat for me to discover. Ah… picked my first English Garden. Tricky getting good video footage of many gardens I’d like to share 🙂

    Lisa, I’m thrilled I can share these strolls with you. Ha… now I wonder what you’ll think of the next one? Oh yes… there is something quite magical about walking through ancient trees like these 😀

    lotusleaf, so different from your tropical gardens isn’t it? Ah… but of course you’d have rhodendrons too. Being so used to seeing them here it’s easy to forget their origins. Ah… brilliant… I hope you get to visit the UK one day 🙂

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