e-petition to stop badger cull

“• Over 70% of the badger population in large areas of the country will be killed, many of them healthy.

• The method of free-shooting badgers could cause severe to many thousands of badgers.

• Independent scientific studies have shown that culling would be of little help in reducing bovine TB, and even suggest that it could make things worse in some areas.

We urge the government to stop the cull and implement the more sustainable and humane solution of both a vaccination programme for badgers and cattle, along with improved testing and biosecurity.”

HM Government e-petition, Stop the badger cull Created by Dr Brian May CBE

Having never seen these very sociable wild creatures in my garden nor in the wild, I feel quite sad for those that do and care about them. Foremost, I feel sad for the badgers living in the cull areas. There just has to be another way and much heated discussion will continue here. Meanwhile, time is running out for the badgers – the cull could begin in weeks.

Having no badger video footage of my own I’ve found some online clips to share as a reminder of what could be lost. I will likely add more clips so please do return to see them. The link above will take you to a petition to stop the cull.

Watch badgers snuffling round a garden in Northumberland

Mikes Badger Clips captured using Bushnell Trailcam HD in Devon

Kill the Cull, Not England’s Badgers

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) are opposed to badger culling and will not allow badgers to be killed on their land. Their views are:

“•Culling badgers risks making bovine TB worse unless it is carried out in a co-ordinated and highly synchronized way, over extensive areas, and for at least four years. There is considerable risk that such a cull would be impracticable and unsustainable.

•Shooting free ranging badgers is untested and has no place in a science based approach.

•Vaccinating badgers does not risk making TB worse. We believe that, together with cattle testing and movement controls, vaccination is a more sustainable, publicly acceptable solution.”

RSPB full view on their website

This post was published by Shirley for shirls gardenwatch in September 2012.

10 thoughts on “e-petition to stop badger cull

  1. It is sad when a particular species is blamed for something then eradicated. Often it seems like they later find out that they perceived threat is not the culprit. I hope it is stopped.

  2. Hello again and thanks for your comments on this.

    Last night, I was quietly cropping my photos of soggy bees on plants in my front garden and turned to twitter friends to ask for help with an ID. I was prepping a post on bees hibernating etc.

    Getting drawn into twitter conversations and tweets on the imminent badger cull I felt compelled to do a complete U-turn on my post topic and set about searching for badger videos instead. I seriously hope this petition will gain enough numbers and profile for the Government to do a complete U-turn on the cull of badgers.

    Sue & Jan, great, I’ve signed too. I was also shocked on the imminence of this cull 🙁

    Lisa, thanks, you are quite correct there. It is seriously sad and something that can’t be undone once the animal is dead 🙁

  3. Hi Shirley, I've signed too.
    It's a pity that Autumnwatch isn't on the TV at the moment to publicise the campaign.
    As you say, what's done can't be undone. I imagine in a few years, when the cull hasn't had the desired effect, the politicians will just say sorry.

  4. Thanks for posting this, Shirl. There's more information on the Badger Trust website here: nfbg.org.uk – including more about the bad science behind the cull.

    I signed something similar a while ago but think it must have been an earlier petition if this one is new. Off to check …

  5. I hope people in those areas boycott farm produce from those farmers who have agreed to this! The Co-op is refusing to stock their milk.

  6. Apologies for my delay in replies, thanks for all your comments 🙂

    Crystal, you are right there on all counts.

    Juliet, thanks for adding another link here, all information helps 🙂

    John, wow… gosh it was around 30,000 when I posted this… lol… not that I’m taking credit here 😉

    Pat, as we might expect… sounds like it won’t be plain sailing for anyone on this one.

  7. Why is the solution always to do a mass kill, same thing happens here in Canada from time to time with critters that are perceived to be pests. I sometimes wonder who the heck we think we are.

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