10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Guess the holiday destination

  1. Hello everyone, I hope you’ve all enjoyed your gardens, birds and wildlife over the last 6 weeks 🙂

    Gosh, just where did September go this year? There’s been a serious change in temps in the garden today and it’s been pretty gusty out there tonight too! Some tender plants got lifted and potted up to spend a winter holiday in my tiny greenhouse. Can’t believe how quickly the feel of the garden has changed in a day.

    We had a very special destination for our holiday but before I share some sightings from there I’ve a garden show to share 🙂

  2. Hi Shirley, Good to see you back. You should be ready to tackle the fall chores in the garden after your holiday. Can't wait to see details.

  3. Hello to you all, this has been fun 🙂

    Lisa, thanks, it’s good to be back. Yes, absolutely getting stuck into the autumn garden jobs when the ground is still warm. Delighted to have some gardener’s gold to use this weekend! Our local amenity rubbish/recycling centre has a skip of fresh dark compost (free of charge) at the moment – it never lasts long as you can imagine. By chance I was down there yesterday (on pond work clearance) and took away the allowed allocation per day. You won’t be surprised to hear I returned this morning at opening time to get some more! I’m very happy to do some weeding now knowing I have a great mulch to put down after making the garden look pretty well at a time when it can look tired. Yay – the garden is refreshed and great to think that garden material I added to the skips down there have added to mixes like this.

    Sue and Suzie, good guesses but not it 🙂 I’ll add that I had never seen this bird before but saw them everywhere at the part of the country we were staying/visiting. This small harbour was the first photo opportunity I got with a hopeful bird hanging around for discarded food near a chip shop – Corvids are smart though so no real clue there 😉 I have some better shots to share at a much more romantic location. Further guesses are welcome 🙂

  4. Can we have a clue is it a near or far destination? Is it one of the Scottish Islands?

    Tempted to say Sherwood forest as a Robin Hood destination but that is hardly romantic unless you are Maid Marian

  5. Spot on with Skye, Sue 😀 This photo was taken at Portree harbour.

    We saw this bird on moorland and around our pretty white holiday cottage where it was always on the move. I guessed it was a Corvid and searched my phone for an ID and discovered it could be a hooded crow but needed photos to be sure. I thought the bird ID would be a slight clue with its general resident distribution being Ireland and the west of Scotland and the Islands.

    Very busy moving things around in garden at the moment but will sort photos and post the more romantic images (creative licence of course) when I’ve enough energy one evening 😉

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