Wildlife Videos: Noisy Tawny Owls

It wasn’t just the picture from the fascinating piece of video footage from an Owl nestbox, I came across on Twitter over the weekend, that made this capture catch my attention. We have heard strange noises from our garden but have never seen the Tawny Owls who were confirmed as being the mystery voices at dusk.

Please adjust the volume of your speakers before you view Gareth’s short 0.40 second video clip below taken from inside an owl nest box. I ‘m sure you’ll watch it again with the volume up again (as I did) to see the Male Tawny come in the nestbox carrying what looks like a mouse. It gets pretty noisy as the female Tawny follows the male to take the mouse from him. He looks slightly bemused when she leaves – like this has never happened before which I doubt 😉

Thank-you, TigerGaret for allowing me to share your owl nest box video in a blog post. I’m sure my blog readers will enjoy seeing and hearing it as much as I did 🙂

This post was published by Shirley for shirls gardenwatch in February 2014.

5 thoughts on “Wildlife Videos: Noisy Tawny Owls

  1. Thank's great Shirl, thanks for posting it. I used to live in an area full of Tawnys and would often wake up to their noises in the middle of the night. I'd jump out of bed to watch them through the window and would often see 3 or 4 or more depending on the time of year. They'd even be on top of lamp posts and swoop by when walking home at night, one even landed in front of my friend when walking home.

  2. Hello everyone, thanks for all your comments. Sorry for the delay in replies 🙂

    Sue, I guess you are right – she does!

    Lisa, it was, especially when I can hear some noises from the garden and always wonder what is going on 🙂

    Suzie, I’m delighted this brought back memories for you. Wow… what great memories of Tawnies you have there! What a delight to watch them from your bedroom window – not a sight to be seen from my gardenwatching window but I will remember yours now – thank-you! I’m trying to imagine them on lamp posts – I’ll keep my eyes peeled when out at night now 😀

    Angie, I’m delighted you too have enjoyed seeing this. It was purely by chance I spotted it on twitter as I only drop in for short periods. I was captivated – if you follow the link to Gareth’s YouTube Channel you can see lots of other great captures. Cams in boxes are such fun 🙂

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