A flash of red brings back this blogger!

If there was one thing I’d like this gardenwatch blog to be remembered for, it is that our gardens can amaze and enthral us with a wealth of wildlife visitors if we only watch that little bit closer. Yesterday lunchtime had one such moment and I was thrilled to beyond bursting point!! I really couldn’t believe what I was seeing when I glanced out my kitchen window whilst on the phone :-0

The run for a camera was too long as the surprise visitor disappeared under my hedge and the moment was gone. But what a moment! I’ll treasure this one especially as it is almost 10 years (November 19th) since I began sharing the comings and goings of wildlife in a small garden.

Yesterday’s visitor has gone straight to the gardenwatch number one spot for this garden blog – even without a record photograph and if I never see it again. I very much doubt any other wildlife visitor will knock it off the top spot. This is the one I’ve been waiting for, although realistically never, ever expected to see in my garden.

A dry Autumnal lunchtime, an unplanned purchase of a power leaf blower
and the before photo. My surprise visitor probably ran across these leaves.

The longer view of the fun that was to be had using a power leaf blower!
Little did I know someone could have potentially been gardenwatching me 🙂

A quick test of the blower saw the potential of an efficient job in tidying fallen leaves in the borders. With rain forecasted for today, yesterday it was my Mum’s smaller garden I decided to do first. Little did I know what I was about to see out my window when I called her with my unplanned, garden plan 🙂

A 2nd unplanned shopping trip was for a different kind of garden feeder, this one had a flip open lid. Finally, a 3rd unplanned shopping trip (supermarket this time) for a mix of larger nuts like hazelnuts and brazil nuts. Added to peanuts already in my potting shed, I was ready for…. A RED SQUIRREL should it return today! Yes, yesterday, a red squirrel was seen visiting my garden :-))

Fitted in the dark last night, cable ties for the rushed job of a squirrel feeder.

I wonder if we will ever see a view like this red squirrel feeding (as viewed from the visitor centre at SWT Loch of the Lowes). What fun to be gardenwatching for!

There is just one tiny, tiny disappointment over this celebratory blog of a new garden visitor and that is, that I didn’t quite complete it in time to publish it on November 2nd. Ha-ha…. After not blogging during September and October I’m clearly a bit rusty in publishing evening blogs before midnight!

A chilly 2 deg C at 9pm, cold fingers and struggling to decide on best location for the feeder didn’t help blog time planning. Then again, I didn’t plan blogging today. Hello again everyone, it’s fun to be back here too! Oh dear, it’s half past midnight… its been a busy day all round and I should catch up on some sleep. I can’t wait for breakfast by my gardenwatch window in the morning… I wonder what I’ll see 🙂

This post was published by Shirley for shirls gardenwatch in November 2016.

6 thoughts on “A flash of red brings back this blogger!

  1. What a brilliant visitor to have. I know just how frustrating it can be when the dash for a camera is just that bit too slow. Bet you keep it near the window now. I really hope your extra shopping expeditions and feeder do the trick and attract Red back.

  2. I am quite happy for you. Squirrels can be so cute and entertaining. However… if you get as many squirrels as we do it isn't so great. They dig in pot, plant seeds all over the landscape, chew up birdfeeders for no apparent reason and generally annoy the dog. Annie has got her revenge a couple of times lately. I won't go into the gory details. We have Gray Squirrels. I wouldn't wish them on you.

    So good to see you back in the garden sharing your sightings. I think leaf blowers although loud are a marvel.

  3. No wonder you are so thrilled, red squirrels are so beautiful! We would all love to have them in our gardens rather than the wretched greys.We are not likely to find them down here in Devon so my Dormouse will remain my top visitor!

  4. I guess it will be a long time before we see a red squirrel in this part of the world , if ever. I can understand your delight.

  5. Hello again to you all, thanks for visiting and leaving your comment 🙂 Sorry I’ve been slow with replies again.

    John, to be honest I was just thrilled to actually see this really quick dash of it disappearing under my hedge. My cameras are usually near the window but this little animal is so very, very fast. Thanks, my feeder pole is up and as yet unused but… the red squirrel has returned anyway :-)))

    Sue, it was fantastic to see this tiny glimpse that day and it still remains more special than the treat of yesterday’s sightings :-)))

    Lisa, Thanks, that was a special day for me. Yes, the greys are a different matter entirely and it is the introduction of the American grey that became the downfall of our smaller native red. I can understand your view on the grey, it causes a lot of damage to gardens and feeders here too. Time will tell if the red becomes a problem garden visitor but I’ve never heard of reports of it being so. Thanks, I’ve a bit of a big post to follow… yesterday was another special day with the red squirrel in the garden :-)))

    Pauline, I really was, I agree they really are beautiful. After watching one yesterday, they appear to have a quite different character than that of the grey. I’ve watched them many times at my favourite wildlife reserve observation but yesterday’s sighting in my garden was another level entirely. Oooo… I’ve seen wildlife programmes on your Dormouses, I’m not surprised they are top of your list :-)))

    Brian, I do hope that is not the case and the red squirrel, in time, returns to your area. Thanks, delight doesn’t come close… part of my childhood has returned :-)))

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