5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Ivy Diners, Sept 30

  1. Hello again to you all, thanks for visiting and leaving your comments 🙂

    Sue, thanks, I loved the expression of the face. Ha-ha, and all I heard in my head when I looked at the middle image was…’should have gone to Specsavers’. This ivy is flowering high above my head on the top of my pergola and I don’t notice the buzz unless something catches my eye, this day it did and it was seriously a-buzz with insect activity.

    Lisa, I meant to post these images at the time but yes, they are nice to look back at now. I didn’t mind this activity at the time as it was above my head. Yes, the cold is maybe stopping insects feeding now but in a couple of months the birds will be feasting on the berries up there.

    Brian, absolutely, growing on my pergola some of it is kept clipped for walking past but border backed sides and up over the top bars it gets to ramble and flower. I never knew it could be such a magnet for wildlife until it matured.

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