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#30DaysWild Day 6 – Appreciating romance

Morning sunshine and evening light across a garden can create a romance through the plants that we only notice, if we stop and take time to notice. What a wonderful sense of calm and healing a garden can give us. I for one have always felt it. Do you? Media is talking about how important gardens are for our mental health and well being but we gardeners have probably known that for a very long time. It’s good that there is wider awareness of this now.

Evening watering of the garden doesn’t sound that romantic but the quick phone image below was taken tonight when I saw the romance through my border with the evening sun lighting the water drops in the background. Could this possibly be a contribution for 30 Days Wild? I’d say so, I was appreciating just one single moment in the garden and it was magical (way better than my phone capture shows).

Romance was also in the background of a more practical garden job tonight. My, now, son-law bought me a birthday gift of a Clematis last year which was part of a combined gift with a ladybird bug house from my daughter. They felt one would support the other and help the wildlife in my garden which they both knew I like to do. So, I just had to plant the clematis near the location of the bug house 🙂

My plan for the clematis climb was up the garden twine supports I had given it through my pine tree which has bottom branches already pruned short for visiting birds going to the feeders. It was working too. The clematis however, had other plans and was sticking to the brief of this gift and had made its way over to the bug house. It sneaked over when I wasn’t looking.

Aww… I appreciated the romance in this too so helped them be together, adding support trellis up the posts and carefully relocating the plant over and tying it in. It was one of the loveliest of garden jobs today and I will really look forward to seeing how this romance blossoms 🙂

This post was published by Shirley for shirls gardenwatch in June 2018.

4 thoughts on “#30DaysWild Day 6 – Appreciating romance

  1. It's always pleasurable to sit back and enjoy the garden. Problem is you see a weed or notice a new shoot ….. but seriously, as they say, it's good therapy and you get tomamtoes!

  2. I think your phone did a fine job of capturing the romance of the spraying water. I am sure the bugs, bees and birds all enjoyed the watering even if they weren't pictured. I saw a wasp go to the in-ground water feature of my garden today. That tells how dry it is here. I don't feel too romantic about the garden right now. I did have lightening bugs in the garden last evening. I am sure if and when we get a good rain there will be plenty more. I always feel so much better if I get out in the garden a putter around. I don't have to do a big job but the few little projects that are accomplished are satisfying and that feeling of being with Mother Earth is felt.

  3. Hello everyone, thanks for all your comments they are very much appreciated 🙂

    Sue, ha-ha… true 😉

    L, Ah yes, I do hear what you’re saying, it is! Ha-ha… but I gave up on the tomatoes and am having fun creating a pot display in my greenhouse and my OH has the therapy of reading a book out there 😉

    Lisa, Thanks, it just caught it. I had it in a pocket and just pulled it out 🙂 Yes, the Blackbirds were following the watered areas too. Yes, in all seriousness the dry ground does not give a romantic feel to the garden – unless we were in Tuscany with lavender & grapevines! Ah… fireflies, I bet they are quite magical to see – can you post a video of yours? I agree completely, my trellis work yesterday took a little bit of time by tying in branches of a climber is a just as you say 🙂

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