Nest egg

At the end of last week, in a garden centre, I happened to spot nesting material for birds. It is sold in small bags and is a soft material that could be used by some birds in the final ‘soft layer’ of a nest. On noticing this I remembered that I bought one last year when we put up our first nest box. I had completely forgotten about it – probably due to the fact that it didn’t appear to get used.

The Nest egg, shown above, as you can see is an open cage basket with a handle, or hook, to hang it up. It is then filled with soft materials for the birds to pull out of it. It is suggested you hang it near your nest box.

Last year, I bought a bag of material but it was lighter in colour – although I don’t imagine that would matter too much to the birds. I also added some very light twigs – the die-back branches of my Acer. I hung my nest egg basket near my nest box, on a hanging basket hook below, but perhaps it was too near and perhaps too late.

This year, I thought I would fill my egg once more. I hung it up yesterday on a hook fixed to the support stake of my new cotoneaster tree. My theory is that first they must know it is there in order to use it! The birds use this tree as a perch en route to the feeders so I am certain they will take a little interest in what is hanging there. I have also added to the nesting material with more natural materials – moss that the birds have pecked off roof tiles and, sorry this is disgusting, human hair the hair brushes of my teenage daughters. I have read somewhere about the later, honestly, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to try it – but hey this might make all the difference!

The photograph, shown above, was taken in my garden on February 18th 2007.

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