Today is Sunday and it has been a bright morning. I awoke early and had breakfast at my window overlooking the area of my garden where the bird feeders are. It was very peaceful and although it was only 7:45am the light was bright even then. Guess who joined me for breakfast?

Wren at pond, video 0:17 with background music, try 480p quality.

The Wren, shown above, finally visited again in light that I could properly see it. It also visited long enough to catch it on film! However, sadly I had a slight technical hitch with my video camera.

Unfortunately I was completely engrossed in watching the tiny wren come, leave and then return again to feed along the edges of my tiny pond – following it reasonably well with my camera. As I was watching as it weaved through and under plants looking for food – I too should have been looking but not for food! I was feeling absolutely chuffed with myself that I had some delightful video footage finally captured of the wren. I really should have looked at the camera screen – it read pause when I thought it was recording!

For more info on the wren click here

The video, shown above, was taken in my garden on February 18th 2007.

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12 thoughts on “Caught

  1. i loved the video of your little wren. i too have a video of what I think are wrens in our garden. They are using a box on our outside wall which covers an electric socket. They are in and out of it all the time taking in bits and pieces for their nest. i say there are two but who knows after what I have read about them. by the way we have switched off the power supply to the socket.



  2. Hi Pat,

    thanks very much for your comment. Lucky you to have wrens nesting in your garden. It must be wonderful to watch them building a nest knowing you could have tiny young wrens in your garden in the future. Equally they could have chosen a safer place to do it! You must video them – I wonder what they will look like.

  3. Hi
    My husband had the video set up today but he didn’t have any luck . Some of the nest appears to have disappeared as we can now see part of the socket. I wonder if they could be changing their mind and moving their nest to another place.
    We will keep an eye on them anyway.


  4. Hi again Pat,

    Good to hear the Wrens are still with you. I tried tempting them with grated cheese first thing in the morning but the Blackbirds and Starlings got there first! One thing I didn’t try was the small bags of seed mixes you get especially for Wrens. I will publish a post later asking for any tips and info on them nesting in gardens.

    We have Blue Tits considering nesting in our Camera Nestbox and they too have been taking as much out as they put in. They are still busy though but it is definitely disappointing to watch them take so much material out again. You can see last weeks work on the post titled ‘Hard work’.

  5. ours love mealworms, never really seen them eat anything else even if it’s right in front of them

    blackbirds and starlings will give you a problem though so perhaps try hiding mealworms in roosting pouches put deep into shrubs

  6. Hi
    Well last night I put out a little seed on a slab beside a waterdish quite near to the wrens box. This morning the seed had gone. Tonight i have done the same thing but mixed in some grated cheese with the seed. We haven’t been able to catch them again yet but still trying.
    Meanwhile last night I was taking photographs of what looked like a baby wood pigeon with an adult wood pigeon. A pair have been visiting the garden regularly at feeding times but last night this one looked fluffy with no distinct markings. I know the nest is in a tall poplar tree at the foot of my neighbours garden. I am quite pleased that my garden seems to be full of different birds at the moment. We do have our regulars like the bluetits, robins and blackbirds but it is so nice to see the new breeds.


  7. Hi again Pat,

    I am delighted to hear you are getting lots of different bird species visiting your garden. I know myself it is been amazing that just by trying different foods new species appear. I hope it was the wren that got the seed mix this morning.

    I went on a bird forum last night to ask about your nesting wrens – see my post on Odd Builders. Perhaps you might enjoy reading through the topics in the forum too.

  8. Hi
    Sorry I haven’t posted had a very busy weekend but I still have the wrens although I think they are quite crafty little creatures. My cheese/seedmix disappears . i have put it 3 times now andnot quite sure if it is the wrens feeding from it or not . I put it out near them but the other bird feeders are away from that spot. .I will check out your post . on the odd builders Thanks


  9. Aww! What a cutie! We have a wren nesting in a silly place too… I hope his mate doesn’t choose it as it’s very open to predators. Your wren looks so sweet, you’re lucky to be able to capture it on video.

  10. Hey Silver, thanks for visiting 🙂

    I agree there is something quite sweet about the wren. I think it’s the flighty way it jumps about too. I have heard many times that they choose dangerous places to nest.

    Last year someone mailed me about a wren building a nest in an outside socket – needless to say the power was then switched off!

    Thanks, the video was a lucky capture 😀

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