Memory Lane

Yesterday was another lovely day. Late afternoon I went out and sat at the table under my pergola with a coffee and my biscuit tin. I hadn’t opened this tin in quite some time and what a wonderful selection I found inside. Plant labels in all different sizes and condition – some were printed, some handwritten and some even had name of the Nursery on the back.

Older labels were in this tin and I also came across a plant list for my garden that must ten years old. That was very interesting to look at now – it was compiled when we took part in opening our garden with many other small private gardens to raise money for the Children’s Hospice, CHAS. I also looked through the many other bags of labels I had too. What a trip down Memory Lane that was.

In the future I will need to refer to these labels for full names when I post on my plants. I had already began the job of reorganising and bought small photograph albums to store them – a job for the winter I thought a few years ago. Perhaps now it is time to complete it – they will be a valuable resource. The albums work well and can hold seed packets too – I will just have to decide how I file them. In the past I used lists that referred to the area where the plant is but as I move things around a lot that isn’t always reliable. Filing by plant group then alphabetical should perhaps be the way to go. I may finally use the PC, I like lists, but nothing beats seeing and holding the labels!

Nest Update:
There were no signs yesterday of the Blackbirds working on their nest in the Ivy growing over my Pergola – they haven’t been seen working there for a few days now. However, I have still seen them collect material around my pond – then they have flown up and over my hedge. It wasn’t in the best place perhaps anyway.

2 thoughts on “Memory Lane

  1. Hi Shirl,

    Thanks for your lovely e-mail and yes, I would like to link with you, in fact, I have already done so. 😉

    You’ve got a lovely blog and I’m impressed that you have a nestbox with a camera installed.

    Like you I love birds and have many feeders, a birdbath and nestboxes all over my garden.


  2. Hi Yolanda,

    Thanks for your comment and link.

    We only installed our Camera Nestbox this year so we are newbies to nesting! I must say that it definitely adds another dimension to the garden.

    What birds visit your garden?

    Best wishes.

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