Rhododendron flowers

I had been out for most of the day today and went out into the garden at 4.30pm to find the first of my collection of small hybrid rhododendrons had come in to flower. What a surprise – especially when the picture below shows how it looked yesterday.

Rhododendron Moonstone Yellow, shown above, has bell-shaped creamy-yellow flowers in April-May. It is semi-dwarf and dome forming with attractive rounded leaves. It is classed as hardy and grows to 3ft (90cm). I found the label for this plant during my recent sort of plant labels. This one had the name of the Nursery on the back but I already knew it as all my rhododendrons have come from Glendoick Garden Centre . It is a specialist Nursery growing and breeding rhododendrons which is also known worldwide for plant hunting expeditions.

The dwarf purple flowering rhododendron, shown above, I have no label for so I cannot name. However I do know its origin though as I took it by layer propagation from a plant I had in my previous garden approx 17 years ago. I pinned down a stem with a wire peg and left it a few months then cut it from the parent plant. It is the first to flower and I am sure the original plant also came from Glendoick. Sorry, I couldn’t choose which pictures to post as this is a favourite – the bees love it too.

2 thoughts on “Rhododendron flowers

  1. How lovely your rhodo’s look and how surprising that they are flowering already. I like suprises like that, don’t you? 😉

    I’m very curious to see when the blue tit will lay her first egg!

  2. Hi again Yolanda

    From memory these Rhodo’s have always flowered around now. But yes they are the first out. Most of my rhodo’s are yakushimanum and none are more than 4ft high. They look great with full size flowers.

    Our Blue Tit female is sleeping over in our box again tonight. I understand from other sites that the eggs are laid early morning – and one per day! The female leaves them until she is finished laying and then she incubates them all then. We are curious too!

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