Sleep-over first

Great excitement tonight as our female Blue Tit was seen fluffing up her nest this evening just before it got dark. Then she fluffed up herself like a little ball tucking her head in. We just saw her in time, about 8.40pm just before our box went dark – she is having her first sleep-over!

Activity at the Nestbox had changed today – she worked on the nest in the afternoon too. She then had a break for a couple of hours and was back in again early evening and there were definitely signs of finer adjustments. Is it warm enough for her? There has been more moss in the nestbox before tonight so we did not expect the nest to be ready for her now.

Nestbox Update: 10.22pm shown below. We have been hearing slight tapping noises through the speakers since it has been dark. It was therefore with great care, and the torch at a distance, that we had just a tiny peep to see if our sleepover was still on. YES!! She has moved around a bit and is in a different corner – but she is still there. I wonder what will happen next.

I should point out that I have adjusted the contrast and brightness in the pictures above so we could see more clearly inside our Nestbox. What a great opportunity this is to see what goes on during nesting – I had absolutely no idea of what went on at all.

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