Wisteria flower bud

Flower buds on my wisteria were looking good today. When I checked to see if there were any early signs of flowers coming from a bud I was delighted to spot one breaking through. After many years waiting for this plant to flower it is always great to see it getting ready again.

Rain is expected over the weekend so today I was out weeding. I enjoy weeding using a small hand fork. I always like to give the borders a weed prior to rain showers as I feel the rain gives the weeds the chance to multiply – especially after a warm dry spell as we have had recently. I also try water to the borders first so that they fully benefit from the rainfall all the way down to the roots. I hope the forecast is correct as the gardens are definitely needing some rain now.

To read more and see more photos of my Wisteria when it came into flower at the end of May 2007 go to Wisteria from bud to flower .

Update April 12th 2008. If you would like to see photos of the stages of a wisteria bud through to flower go to Looking for wisteria flowers my post on April 12th 2008.

8 thoughts on “Wisteria flower bud

  1. I just bought my first wisteria a week ago, a white one. I dont think it has flowerbuds but maybe next year, who knows. Thanks for the pic, now I know what to look out for.

  2. Hi Yolanda,

    My wisteria is white too – Snow Showers (Shiro Naga Fuji). I think from memory it is to be scented too. Its flowers are up to 50cm long.

    They seem to need fed with a high potash-rich fertiliser for flowers. I need to do that today. See my Feb post on Wisteria – just hungry?

    Good luck with yours flowering. I have always watched mine closely at this time of year.

  3. How long does it take from bud to bloom? Thanks as I have a bud but I am going crazy going out and checking it every few hours. My first year to bloom.Thanks a bunch happy gardening.

  4. Thank-you, it’s wonderful to have a comment from someone after my own heart! For me my wisteria coming into flower has exactly the same anticipation as the eggs and chicks in our Nestbox. I understand so much where you are at right now!!

    I have been taking pictures of my wisteria as the buds have grown – so I will have all the dates for you. I had planned to post on it all soon but as you just can’t wait, just for you, I will do it tonight! I am hoping to have my ‘shirls plantphotos’ blog up and running tonight too.

    Happy Gardening to you too 😉

  5. Thanks so much for the info. This is the most exciting plant I have ever had in my very full backyard garden in Ottawa. I am taking photos twice daily of the progress of my now 13 buds.
    Happy gardening to all.

  6. Hi again, Ottawa Gardener

    Happy to help if I can – it is definitely exciting when this plant can take years to flower! I waited nine years myself. In my last garden I left before it flowered and I heard from my ex-neighbour that it finally did – the year after we left 🙁

    Remember, pruning is also important and you may want to refer to your zone’s gardening books for that.

    I think the best advice I would give anyone now, would be to buy a wisteria when it has flowers on it then you will have a chance in future years.

  7. I would like to thank you for showing me what the flower bud looks like. My Wisteria has flowered for the first time this year and I have waited 14 years. It was worth the wait. Although only five of the 30 or so buds survived the flowers and scent are beautiful.

  8. Hi there Mary 🙂

    I am delighted that my photos helped. I know seeing these buds would have helped me too after so many years of waiting. How wonderful that after so long you have seen yours flower. I would take a guess that it will flower again for you next year too.

    What a shame you lost so many buds – I am guessing to frost perhaps. Although this not a problem I have had. I lost a lot of flowers in my first year too and I decided it was probably due to lack of watering when it was dry as the buds were forming. Maybe it was dry with you then?

    Enjoy your flowers and here’s wishing you many more next year 😀

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