Plant a tree

There shouldn’t really need to be a reason to plant a tree – but there can be many. It is well documented that trees help our environment but they are often planted to mark an occasion too – happy or sad. I made a search on Google and found a mix between the two – a scheme to restore a Caledonian Forest in the Highlands of Scotland by dedicating a tree and making a donation.

Last year I planted an Acer, that I had for many years with a lovely shape, but I had grown tired of, into a pot. I knew it would not survive the move as I severely cut back the roots so I could force it into my large pot. I wanted to use it as a frame work beside my bird table to allow the birds easier access to the table and to protect them a little from cats and the Sparrowhawk. The birds have used it well, as you can see with the Greenfinch and the female Blackbird shown above. I felt now it would be nice to have a living tree in this pot.

Yesterday we replaced the Acer with a Weeping Willow-leaved Pear (Pryus salicifolia ‘Pendula’) to mark our twenty-fifth year of marriage. I had thought I’d like to plant a Silver Birch but finally choose this tree which will eventually become more pendulus. Our new tree looks wonderful in the pot and is a lovely contrast to the conifer hedge behind. The birds have adapted to the change well – although I doubt the young branches will quite withstand a heavier bird like a woodpigeon. The chaffinches and greenfinches in particular seem to like sitting on its branches as you can see below.

Our hedge is another viewpoint the birds use before dropping down to the feeders – the chaffinch male, shown below, is considering his options. The blackbirds too like to use the top of the hedge. The Starlings like to use the hooks of the feeders or the top of the bird table as well as the branches – any spot will do for them!

Special Updates:

Camera Nestbox -our Blue Tit female is spending her fifth night sleeping-over in the Camera Nestbox. I wonder when she might lay eggs – she has started to bring in the softer material to her nest.

Wildlife News – a hedgehog was spotted by my daughter in the garden at around 9.15pm – we will look out for it again tomorrow. I did go out with the video camera but it had taken cover! This is our first sighting this year – we did spot one just before they would have gone into hibernation last year. I wonder if we have another regular visitor.

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