Robin makes return

It is been a little while now since I have had regular visits from the Robin. It has been strange to see my garden without it. This week has seen its return with two spotted yesterday.

I stood behind my domed Acer with my camera after seeing the Song Thrush and down came the Robin to the tree branches at my bird table. It bounced around the branches back and forward to the table – a bit too quick for me to follow!

No time to move as the Robin bounced quickly down to the ground – practically at my feet! It came to the small tray feeder with sunflower hearts. I didn’t want to move so I gingerly took a photo through the branches of the Acer. It was so close. How nice to see it back again.

Just in time too. This morning I plan to make some changes in the area around the bird table – even though we have light rain. I have a new tree I would like to plant today. I have noticed the birds do take a little time to adapt when I move things around – I must mess up the usual flight paths for them. This time I have introduced the change by placing the tree in its pot near where it is to go first. I have already seen the chaffinches land on it and work there way through it. I know I won’t be able to see the birds so well when it has leaves but I am fortunate in that they bounce around from feeder to feeder anyway and I get plenty of opportunities to see them.

3 thoughts on “Robin makes return

  1. In the Netherlands we have 2 groups of robins. We have our own robins, and during the wintertime the Scandanavian robins come to live with us and ours go south to overwinter there. In spring the Dutch robins return and the Scandanavian ones go back to Scandanavia. Is it the same where you live?

  2. I have to be honest and say I don’t know what our Robins get up to – It is seen all year round and very common bird in gardens.

    It often closely follows the gardener when the soil is dug. It is not a shy bird here.

    I have wondered if it has been nest building and that is why we haven’t seen it. I put up a robin box nesting box but I have seen no interest in it. It is perhaps just a little bit high as I now know they should be under 2 metres. I was concerned cats would get it any lower.

    That is very interesting to hear you have different robins and they move about. Do they look the same us ours? I have seen pictures of American ones and they look quite different.

  3. Yes, they look exactly the same as yours and are not shy at all.

    Like you I have robins all year round but different ones. 😉

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