Flowers of the week

I love May as my garden really comes to life again. The fresh new leaves are on my small Acer trees with pale yellow primroses growing in clumps below. My small rhododendrons are in flower and my allium buds are about to burst with their many stars of flowers.

Daily checks are made my wisteria for progress on its flowers with the same anticipation of eggs in my Nestbox! To help its flowers this year I am now watering daily as we have had very little rain this past month. I plan to feed it regularly now too.

Plants can put on sudden spurts of growth at this time of year and if you are unlucky you can miss some gems. I almost missed the first flowers on my cirsium, the last picture above, as I wasn’t looking for it to flower yet. The leaves on this plant can take over but the thistle flowers are loved by the bees just as much as me. It has a very longer flowering season too and last year I had a second flush in December – after pruning some hard back.

2 thoughts on “Flowers of the week

  1. It’s so easy to miss something about to flower for the first time or something else of interest in the garden, so I do the tour everyday and walk around my garden inspecting everything. 😉

    BTW is it 5 eggs today?

  2. Hi Yolanda,

    I try to look often too.

    Yes, it is five eggs this morning. The male was waiting at the feeders to feed her later too!

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