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Late morning I heard our Nestbox female Blue Tit calling to the male. I assume she was requesting food and I did spot him at the feeders with something in his beak. We heard her as she called and called.

Unfortunately, he only got as far as the entrance and flew off again. Maybe the invasion of young Starlings diving around the feeders scared him off. However, he was successful last night at 7.30pm as you can see in the shorter video below.

Nestbox Blue tit male feeds female incubating eggs,
video 0:13 without background music, try 480p quality.

It is wonderful that a camera in a Nestbox can allow us to see these moments. I am delighted to be able to share them through this diary.

6 thoughts on “Feed me

  1. It’s all looking good so far Shirl and I’m happy to read that the male is finally doing his job too! 😉

    Thanks for the vids, I enjoyed them. Blue tits are one of my favorite birds, they are so cute!

    BTW my dad had a nest of 9 blue tits and all the baby birds flew out of the nest when it was time for them to do so.

  2. Hi Yolanda,

    I too am delighted to see the male in the box. I was becoming concerned she was going to do the whole job herself! He does keep a watchful eye on her when she is out of the box and is more inclined to feed her when she is in the garden.

    I will post some Blue Tit photos from the garden when it isn’t raining. I would also like to post more birds and garden ones too.

    Glad to that hear all your Dad’s Blue Tit chicks survived. Was his nest this year? Is nesting in the Netherlands ahead of the UK?

  3. That is the sweetest thing! Great moment to have captured. How wonderful nature is! BTW, all the bluetits survived to fly away…

  4. Hi Wildlife Gardener,

    I am delighted when I capture moments on film – especially now when I can share them.

    Who would believe that 16 chicks can survive! I wonder if their were two females laying in the box – I have heard of that. Thanks, great story!

  5. how cute are these video captures, thanks for sharing with us, I have a box full of great tits at the moment, and will just have to invest in a camera for it..absolutely beautiful thnx for letting us all see your babies.


  6. Hi Cher,

    I have been delighted with my video captures and really look forward to this weekend when our eggs may hatch!! It is great too that I can share these moments.

    Congrats on having nesting Great Tits – I hope they all survive and you can watch them in your garden.I wonder if one of your chicks will come back and use the box again next year – I hope so.

    We selected the entrance hole for the Great Tit on our Nestbox and had hoped that they would use it – I think they are such handsome birds. We are still very happy we have our Blue Tits especially when some Camera Nestboxes boxes are empty!

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