Springwatch Returns to BBC2

daily until FRIDAY 1st JUNE
with special Nightshift Programme at 12.30am
Bill Oddie and Kate Humble
present the third series of Springwatch
at Estate Farm in Devon.

Simon King will be in the Hebrides
and Gordon Buchanan will be in Glasgow
keeping track of urban foxes.

Perhaps all Springwatch followers in the UK
will be aware of the return of this very popular programme
but, just in case, I thought I would post a reminder.

This year the programme is being shown
later in May than in previous years and therefore
we should expect different birds and wildlife.

The warmer April has meant that
they will not have Blue Tits to follow this year.
However, there are Young Barn and Tawny Owls
in Camera Nestboxes to see live.
Kingfishers are likely this year
and urban foxes too.

I have to add here that not all Blue Tits
have already fledged in the UK,
we have eight chicks in our Camera Nestbox
that will be almost a week old
when the programme starts
showing that nature does vary throughout the country.

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