One day on…..

The activity in our Camera Nestbox looks like it may end soon. Sadly we now have only three Blue Tit chicks left and one looks much weaker than the other two – not even opening its mouth when food comes in. The parents have been seen taping its mouth with a beak as I have seen with the other chicks they have lost. I have been watching the box for a while and very little live food has gone in – in fact the food deliveries even of the sunflower hearts have slowed down! Today has been cold and wet and I would have expected many more visits with food. At this moment I really don’t expect we will have chicks at this time tomorrow – I hope I am wrong.

The picture above was taken from our Camera Nestbox at 5.10pm today.

4 thoughts on “One day on…..

  1. We are watching with you, Shirl. We live in Fife and use your site to let us pretend we can see inside our titboxes. Ours seem to be having slightly better luck finding caterpillars, but we have also seen dead chicks being removed from the nest.
    Anyhow we wish your lot all the best and we congratulate you on your excellent website and use of Lionel’s camera technology.

    Hoping for warmer weather!

  2. Thank-you, Doug and Jackie

    I think the lack of caterpillars has definitely been the problem here. They seem to have run out of spiders too. I have just put the remains of the fat cake in our Fat Cake Guardian – it is supposed to stop the larger birds getting to it but the starlings have now mastered getting in it!! I usually put in out in the evening so the Blue Tits can get near it.

    It has been used quite a lot tonight and the chicks seem a bit livelier which is good. I am now going out to the shops to find more for tomorrow morning.

    I am delighted that our Nestbox has given you the opportunity to get an insight of what goes on in your Nestbox. It really has been fascinating to watch despite what is happening now. After a week the chicks have wings growing and what looks like the start of blue feathers which is really quite amazing!

    I wish your chicks well and I hope you get the chance to see them around your garden after they have fledged.

    Thank-you very much for your kind comments. Fingers crossed for warmer weather tomorrow!

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