Sand Sculptures

Something different for a change! In my last post I suggested that perhaps a visit to the beach might be on the cards this weekend. For those with rain forecasted and those who are unable to get to the beach I thought I’d bring it to you. However, for those who can get out there perhaps a little inspiration for your trip?

Sand sculptures in the Netherlands, video 0:43 with background music, try 480p quality.

Do you recognise the location Yolanda, this one was for you! This piece of film was not taken recently nor was it taken in Scotland. I took it on holiday in 2002. The location was The Dolphinarium at Harderwijk – in the Netherlands!

The video shown above was taken in The Dolphinarium at Harderwijk, in the Netherlands, in July 2002.

2 thoughts on “Sand Sculptures

  1. Fantastic video, shirl! Amazing sand sculptures…I’ve never seen anything quite like them.

    Scrolled back to yesterday’s post to see the fabulous shots of the peacock. I love the irridescence of their feathers. in fact, I have some of their feathers, though my mum was superstitious and thought it unlucky to have them…but I adore the ‘eyes’ at the tips. I must get down to more watercolour painting and try to use some of my inks with my watercolours to capture that piercing blue/green magic in their feathers.

    Hope you’re having a great day at the beach 🙂

  2. Hello Wildlife Gardener,

    Thanks – they really were quite a piece of artwork! The flag poles give you an idea of scale too.

    Painting peacock feathers – now that will also be a challenging piece of artwork. I look forward to seeeing it in a post.

    Beach didn’t happen today – jiggered knee. Ah well 🙁

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