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Hedgehogs – noisy eaters?

It is almost a month since we have had hedgehogs visiting our garden taking food from a dish I put out. I have read that the hedgehog was a noisy eater so last night I put out the video camera again to try and catch this on film. You will perhaps need to turn up the volume on your speakers to hear it. I will let you make up your own mind – it is difficult to tell as it makes a lot of noise moving the food to get to the peanuts. This was another eight minute visit – I wonder if they don’t like being out in the open for periods longer than this?

No drinking tonight – did you notice? I thought it looked like the hedgehog was testing the water by smell. That I did find interesting as this water didn’t come out of my water butt that collects rain water – it came from the outside tap. Most nights they get rain water but last night my watering can had some water in it so I just used that. I will put rain water out tonight and see what happens. Perhaps the hedgehog simply just wasn’t thirsty but it was licking its lips as it left – definitely with a face that was saying ‘I’ll be back’!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Since this blog was uploaded more information and articles have become available. Please avoid feeding bird food to wild hedgehogs. Although they will enjoy it (especially dried mealworms) these foods can cause Metabolic Bone Disease in hedgehogs. Sultanas are bad for their teeth too. Please follow the following link to the August 2020 update on feeding wild hedgehogs after reading this post.

The video above was taken in my garden on September 11th 2007.

6 thoughts on “Hedgehogs – noisy eaters?

  1. Shirl: I cannot get enough of the hedgehog visits! I wish I could join you on a post like this but we have no hedgehogs here! Thanks for that though!

  2. Hi there, Layanee

    I’m glad you are enjoying my hedgehog videos. They have been great to see and to be able to share is even better 🙂

  3. Hedgehogs are not noisy eaters. My Borzoi was much louder as she crunched kibble, “Kowp, kowp, kowp.” I wish we had hedgehogs, they are just too funny! Thanks for the vid.

  4. Hi again, Mr McGregor’s Daughter

    LOL Thanks – the videos are great fun 🙂

    These hedgehog visits are new to us and yes they are quite entertaining. BTW I now know what a Borzoi is via a quick Google search. I am not familiar with dogs but it looks very energetic 🙂

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