Garden Bloom Day February 2008

Posting on what’s in flower in the garden on the 15th of every month is great to look back on. Like many other gardeners I have enjoyed joining Carol at May Dreams Gardens with a post every month and although I am a bit late this month I still wanted to take part. I will now leave a comment on Carol’s post where I will be able to browse the other gardens through her comments.

Crocus is definitely the flower of the moment in my garden! The top row in the montage above shows the varieties growing through my lawn. They really are very pretty in the morning sunshine and there are many other bulbs that will join them soon. This has been a very successful place to grow bulbs for me as I am very unlikely to dig them up – ‘Shirl-friendly’ bulb planting number one.

Arabis is still showing its tiny clusters of white flowers as you can see in the second row above with a good sized clump of crocus which are growing quite happily in some forest bark. The crocuses have been undisturbed there, at the bottom of my hedge, as I had forgotten they were there! You can also see the fresh leaves of drumstick primulas which always make me think of Spring.

New growth is appearing on clematis too which you can see if you look closely on the right in the first photo of the last row in the montage above. Did you notice what else was in that photo? Yep, my tulip bulbs are coming up thanks to ‘Shirl-friendly’ bulb planting number two. I have planted these bulbs in square pots (four per pot) and staggered the planting of these posts so there are spaces between them where I planted more bulbs. My theory here was that when I go to dig a hole or hand weed this area with a fork it will hit the pots and the bulbs will stay safe – and I can report that this has worked. Now I just hope I got the planting depth right!

Drumstick alliums are also coming up, in pond baskets which have been planted in the border, as you can see in the middle photo of the last row. I wonder if they will all flower this year. The final photo is of another fairly safe clump of crocus which are growing under gravel in my front garden where they catch the sun nicely.

Crocus Pickwick is continuing to flower as you can see in the last photo above. If you remember this is the one I saved in a garden centre sale for 10p a pot – I’m well pleased with it! Now, next month I hope to see quite a different posting for Bloom Day.

All photos above were taken in my garden on February 17th 2008.

8 thoughts on “Garden Bloom Day February 2008

  1. It’s still February, so you aren’t that late in posting. And it was worth the wait for us to get to see all of your crocuses. I love them!

    Thanks for joining in for Bloom Day again.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  2. These are delicious–crocus are like little lawn jewels, glimmering in the grass or in slowly warming soil. Of course, they won’t be doing anything here for a while yet…

  3. Hi again, Frances, Carol, Jodi, Lisa and Robin 🙂

    Frances – The crocuses are still looking lovely and I can’t wait to see if all my newly planted alliums flower this year 😀

    Carol – I didn’t think you would mind too much me being late when I did have some flowers to eventually share with you all. Next month perhaps more bulbs will be in flower. I’m glad you enjoyed the crocuses and I look forward to seeing yours soon 😀

    Jodi – Yes, they really are a delight aren’t they? What a lovely description of them too as that is exactly how they look especially as the frost melts. I am now curious to see when the crocus flowers in Nova Scotia 😀

    Lisa – I am delighted to be able to share my flowers with you all. I am finding this very interesting that my flowers are ahead of the USA and Canada at the moment. I suppose the temperatures between us are quite different with you getting much higher and lower temps. I am glad you enjoyed my photos 😀

    Robin – you are very welcome! I look forward to seeing how Spring varies across the countries with all our gardens 😀

  4. Oooh… so beautiful! It’s nice to see the signs of spring in someone else’s yard, when mine is still covered with snow and grey. (Not even any spring bulb foliage poking its head out yet, sadly.)

  5. Hi there, Kim 🙂

    I am delighted to able to share signs of spring with you especially when you have snow. I wonder how long it will be before you see bulbs in flower in your garden. Perhaps once the snow melts the plants will just ‘spring’ into action 😀

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