Spot the birdie 2

So many visitors in one small garden – I just cannot believe it! I wonder if anyone can help me now with the ID for the latest new bird visiting. The photo below was taken late afternoon in my garden. This bird does look slightly familiar.

Okay, perhaps I should help out… This bird is not of the feathered kind. It’s more of the ‘stuffed’ kind, even more of the stuffed toy kind – a goldfinch to be precise. So what’s this about now, surely it is too late for an April Fools?

This bird has been a test subject! Yep… it stood very still as we tried to direct the position of an outside camera. It’s okay it didn’t have a speaking part!

This April Fools Day, I received a present of an outside weatherproof camera. It still needs some fine adjustment – I need to see it during all light levels yet. To start with we are going to leave it set up to view my Blackbird Nestbox. It has plenty of cable so we should be able to move it around the garden should we see no nesting action there too.

So, if you are listening Mr and Mrs Blue Tit, there are others who can take the starring roles on my small silver screen just waiting in the Pergola and beyond!!

So why set this up on April Fools Day? Ah… that’s easy! Today has been my Birthday 😀

The photo above was taken in my garden on April 1st 2008.

5 thoughts on “Spot the birdie 2

  1. Happy Birthday Shirl. What a fun day to have your birthday on. I bet no one ever forgets your special day. I can’t wait to see results of your new toy. Have fun.

  2. Happy Birthday yesterday, Shirl. You must have had some fun parties over the years to celebrate your special day. And good for you with that message to the blue tits, you can be replaced!

  3. Hi again Lisa and Frances and thanks to you both for your birthday wishes 😀

    Lisa – It is certainly different! I am looking forward to catching some action on this new toy too. I certainly will have fun with it 😀

    Frances – That is true especially when I was in my teens. Yes, that is exactly what I thought with my message! Just like the watched kettle never boils, if I start to give the blue tits less of my attention perhaps they will decide to return to the camera box when I am looking at the other one. In reality my bet is still on the arch one 😀

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. A bit late… I’m sorry. Great news about the camera. I love watching mine. You could even have your own WebCam now! Jane

  5. Hi again Jane, thank-you for your birthday wishes 🙂

    Yes, I am delighted to have a camera for outside now. For the moment this is an experiment and the camera itself was inexpensive – not nearly the quality of yours. Unfortunately I am a bit disappointed with the colour but I did want audio so this was the best fit. When the cold temps go I will have my little running water noise from my pond and this adds greatly to the capture. I am still sure it will be great to watch and with a bit of tweaking I could in theory alter the colour of the captures if I felt the need. My own Webcam – that is a thought I will think about that 😀

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