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Wildlife cameras give as a wonderful insight into nature and I am certain that through television programmes such as BBC Two’s Springwatch many people have been inspired to watch the drama of nesting birds in their own gardens too.

Nestboxes with cameras are readily available now in the UK through the internet, garden centres and wildlife shops. It was after reading Peggy’s Diaries a few years ago and then through starting my own garden diary that I considered putting one up myself. I wonder if you can guess what’s going on in the two photos below? I was completely fooled by the second one.

What time of year should you consider putting up a Nestbox? I’m sure the birds won’t mind when you put it up as long as it is available for nest building. However, although nesting is in Spring pairs can start ‘viewing’ nestboxes as early as January. I’d say September/October would be a good time to put up a Nestbox.

Why so early? Well, during the winter months smaller birds can use them to roost in. We had a rooster last year (Blue tit) from the end of October all the way through to nesting. This bird may have been interested in nesting too but we had another pair that finally took ownership of our Nestbox with a camera. It was fascinating to watch and I’d definitely call it a drama!

To see videos from my Nestbox and read the full stories of the blue tits that have used it you can browse from the links below:
Camera Nestbox 2008
Camera Nestbox 2007

There are a number of websites and blogs that show excellent video footage with nesting diaries. Some of the links below already appear in my right column of links. It is great to have a list of links but I completely understand how long browsing can take. I hope the additional info here will make it easier for you to choose the nests that you might be interested in following. Although I might guess you’ll take a peek at them all – I know I would 😀 Enjoy!

Bird in the Nest – Blue tits in Maidstone, SE England.
Birdcam – Blue tits, Great tits & Sparrows in Germany.
Camnest – Blue tits & Great tits in Cambridge, England.
The Peregrine Project at Derby Cathedral, England.
Elizabeth & Malcolm’s blue tit pages – Blue tits & Great tits in Surrey, England.
Jamie Cooper Images – Blue tits in Northampton, England.
My bit of the Planet – Starlings, House martins, Robins, Blue & Great tits in Hampshire, England.
My Forest Home – Blue tits and Hedgehogs in Hampshire, England.
Nature Watch – Blue tits & Blackbirds in Essex, England.
The 2 Wrennies – Blue tits in Hertfordshire, England.

Finally, if you know of an interesting website/blog with diaries of nesting birds or other nesting wildlife outside the UK please add a comment with a link here. I am sure there are a number of people (including myself) that would be interested in seeing them. Thank-you 😀

The photos above were taken in my Camera nestbox during March 2007. The video above was taken just two days after our Nestbox was put up in March 2007. We couldn’t believe that our first visitors were a pair of blue tits who actually went on to nest build. Eight eggs were laid but sadly no chicks survived.

6 thoughts on “Nestbox diaries and links

  1. Hi Shirl,

    Nice videos, and I look forward to seeing visitors to your nestbox next year. Hopefully you will be a bit more lucky this time with your blue tit chicks.
    I am planning to get a bird box with a camera soon, and they are great ways of watching wildlife more closely.


  2. I wonder whether we will soon get these nestboxes with camera in my country too. This would bring quite different and also interesting ways of watching birds and their behaviour.

  3. Hello again Joe, pgl, Lisa and Barbara:-)

    Sorry, I must apologise for taking so long to answer your comments. I do appreciate them all. We have been busy getting our own first fledging ready for Uni!

    Joe – thank-you! Yes, I do hope we can share the story the whole way to fledging next year. Ah… I’m sure you will enjoy having a Nestbox yourself. Been warned though – it is absolutely addictive viewing! I’ll need to add your link to my list 😀

    Pgl – It is, although I have to say that we can get nervous watching them!

    Lisa – Thank-you, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed them. I agree they are such busy little birds and a joy to watch 😀

    Barbara – I hope so. I am certain you would enjoy one too. I remember you gave me a link in a comment from your country which I had planned to add too. I can’t remember what post it was on – can you remember the link. It was in a town/city 😀

  4. Hi there Mr & Mrs P Berlington. I would like to thank-you for your most generous comment and I apologise, most sincerely, for the edit. I don’t make a habit of this.

    However, as a matter of honestly to my readers I don’t include advertising to products that I haven’t tried myself. Advertising through comments can creep in and as a rule I delete them completely. In this instance I have chosen an edit and to republish your comment.

    I am aware of the company (website) you mentioned. My attention was drawn to them very soon after I put up my Nestbox and began writing my Nestbox diary. They reviewed my site adding a link to their products below it. I will be honest and say I didn’t like being used in this way although I can see why this company did this and in fairness they didn’t actually say I used their camera. I will not be adding a link to them unless in the future I use one of their products.

    My request for other Nestbox links was intended for Nestbox diaries – I will edit my post now to make this clearer. Sorry for misleading you.

    Why did I not delete your comment completely? Well, having a Nestbox camera is a fantasctic experience and I am thrilled that by seeing my Nestbox footage that you are about to enjoy this same experience yourself – that is exactly how I was inspired to get one myself. I wish you well with your Nestbox and I am certain you will transfixed to your own Nestbox cam. Your original message is now shown below minus the link.

    ‘Hi Shirl and readers,
    My wife and I are transfixed by your website and the splendid footage you have. Inspired by your website, we got a (…). Now we too are glued to our TV. Roll on Spring. Hats off to you for what is one of the finest nature blog sites around.

    Mr and Mrs P Berlington’

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