Spot the plastic pots

Okay… perhaps not too hard a challenge 😉 Game over… let’s move on to the much bigger challenge of what to do with the growing stack of unused plant pots likely lurking in corners of your greenhouse, shed or garage at this time of year. Does this look familiar? No product placement intended at all… Read More Spot the plastic pots

Birds, Hedgehog, Wildlife

Hear and there

Let’s hear it for birds and wildlife visiting our jungle gardens at this time of year! One bird that has being catching my eye has been a lonesome Collared dove… but not the one above which I’m showing for comparison. Here’s the one below that I’ve been watching. It has been sitting around the garden… Read More Hear and there


Wordless and waiting…

…for the postman. Today the Scottish Exam Results are delivered via post, email and text. A nervous excitement in many households… including mine! Good luck everyone 🙂 All photos above were taken in my garden this morning at around 8:45am. See more Wordless postings here.