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Sh… hedgehog napping

Finally, after much anticipation and finger crossing, we have seen the first images of a hedgehog exploring inside my daughter’s Hedgehog House (made for school exam project). I really didn’t believe my luck last night as I looked in at a perfect time… just as one arrived!

The record button was quickly activated and I had no idea what would happen next! The hedgehog may have walked straight out again. However, it went straight into one corner and after a little adjusting itself into the space went to sleep! It looked like it knew its way around too.

Watching through a camera in a situation like this it is a difficult call to choose between recording video or taking photos. I completely understand that not everyone can view my videos. In this posting I have kept the videos as short ones to aid viewing when this is such a treat to be able to see.

For those who can’t view videos at all (like my parents who get a printed copy at the end of each month) I have some photos. The first video shows the hedgehog coming in and settling down to the corner seen above.

After an hour’s nap (my guess too) it leaves the house after eating some mealworms in the corridor outside the main chamber…

…only to return again half an hour later. Or did it? Could this be a second visitor… I certainly couldn’t tell as I watched transfixed.

So what happened next? Another nap of course! Okay… but we were heading towards 1am and I was in need of a good nap myself. Ah… but I was curious to see if another hog (or the first one if there had been two visitors) would come in and what would happen then!

Nope… there were no further guests last night! Phew… too much excitement for one night perhaps. Ah… but plenty of room for one hedgehog to stretch out and make itself at home. Look out for the little feet in the photos below. The head finally faces towards the bottom right hand corner.

Nap over… it was time to head out into the night once again. Oh… but maybe just a few more mealworms first. It could be a long night 🙂

Mm… change of plan… just another quick nap perhaps? You can see how fast the hedgehog’s heart is beating if you watch the video closely. You can get some idea now of just how slow this heart rate must be reduced for hibernation.

Time was marching on as I watched the napping hedgehog and I guessed this time it could probably have another hours nap or longer… it was time for me to get some sleep now too.

Last night’s capture started at 11.06pm and hedgehogs can follow the same time night after night but tonight it is very wet with lots of puddles around my garden in borders and on paths so I might suspect we won’t see it appear.

On the other hand, it might just remember how dry, cosy and comfortable this hedgehog house and come in out of the rain. I’ll be ‘looking in’ with my camera just in case! Two nights in a row… I wonder…

Wishing you a great weekend 😀

All photos and videos shown above were taken in my garden late on September 2nd and early morning September 3rd 2009. The camera used in this hedgehog house is by Handykam.

19 thoughts on “Sh… hedgehog napping

  1. Brilliant Shirl. That is great your new bespoke hog mansion has had a visitor. Such clear video as well.

  2. Thrilled to see you have a Hedgehog visitor Shirl!

    Fingers crossed we get some here, Pete saw one a couple of nights ago walk up the street… So I have hope yet!

  3. If the hedgehog were to hibernate in the box do you think there is enough straw and leaves to keep it warm enough?
    I was thinking of making a makeshift shelter and wondered how much I should pad it out.

    What wonderful footage.

  4. Great videos. It's so nice the way they come in for a nap, go out for a snack and come back for another nap.

  5. It's no wonder they keep waking up – they're probably thinking, "Who's playing that music?"

    Seriously, great vids!

  6. That's just SO exciting – your daughter must be thrilled – perhaps I could commission her to build me a hedgehog house for here? Have a lovely weekend Miranda x

  7. what fun to see the hedgehog(s?) using the new house. I love the cheerful music you put to the videos. The up beat is how my heart feels when watching these videos.

  8. Shirl, What a lovely sight that hedgehog is! Wanted to let you know I have tagged you in the Seven Things meme. Go to my current post for more info.

  9. It's been 40 years or more since I saw a hedgehog. My grandmother (in Norway) would go out with a pan of milk and bread and we'd watch as the wild little beasts would come for dinner ….. thank-you for these.

  10. Shirl, what a treat for us to be able to watch the hedgehog's poking about! The images of those small feet and the pretty little face make me want to build a house for them here, too. Thanks for showing those videos!

  11. Hi everyone, hope you are all having a good weekend 🙂

    John – Thanks, you will know only to well how thrilling this was 😀

    Liz – It so was! Ah… they are getting close now. Fingers crossed for you now too 😀

    Scattered – It was… I was thrilled! Yes, for the moment every other night I am putting some in the corridor outside the main chamber. It has been very wet in the evenings since and less visits can be expected in the rain 🙂

    Tatyana – LOL… yes craft and design… where the student designs and build something (mostly from wood). My daughter knew hogs visited the garden and a house would be a good idea but when it wasn’t working too well you can guess who got the grief! I just wish she told her teacher I was planning putting a camera inside… she might have had more marks 😀

    Gigibird – I doubt it. Last year we had a hedgehog hibernate in another house. I didn’t add leaves to that one but instead a lot more hay. It’s not too cold at the moment but when the temps start to drop I’ll start to add more material… however I’m hoping a hog may want to do that itself 😀 Ah… I see you’ve already made a feeding station. If you do make a winter shelter then I’d suggest the entrance was no bigger than 13cm x 13cm. Thanks, I was thrilled with the first images from this camera 😀

    Wiseacre – It was! LOL… yes, you just never know what wanders around the garden when its dark 😀

    Twosie – Thanks, you’ve got some interesting ones on your blog too. I agree the napping is fun to see 😀

    GL – LOL… now it could be guitar music 😉 Thanks, I was just so thrilled to see this and I’m so glad I hit the record button correctly 😀

    Miranda – Oh yes… it really was! Daughter delighted… although not quite as thrilled as I was to see her house being used 😀 Oh… there’s an interesting thought… the build wasn’t without its probs though 🙂 Thanks, wishing you a good weekend too! We’re heading up North tomorrow to the Granite City (Aberdeen) as Uni daughter gets keys to her flat 😀

    Lisa – I am delighted you saw this, I guessed it would warm your heart 😀

    Jane – Me too… its been difficult to see through all the plant foliage!

    DP – It is ins’t it 😀 Wow… you’ve set me a challenge now and I could take some time in deciding this one… fun though 😀

    Kari – Would you believe it… it is 11pm as I write this and a hog is just about to come into view ‘live’ in the corner of my computer screen! I am thrilled I’ve brought fond memories to you. Lovely to hear the story of your grandmother’s visits although nowadays milk and bread is advised against. It appears that they can affect the digestive system of the hog and in some cases be fatal.

    Katarina – I am delighted to be able to share these visits with everyone. What should perhaps be stressed here is that visits are not as easily seen as the birds at the feeders. Hogs don’t visit every garden nor do they appear every night. Ah… the small feet got me too! I’d want to make a house to if I was seeing this in another blog. You are most welcome… I’m thrilled that you’ve enjoyed them too 😀

  12. Now that is what any self respecting hog would call a 'luxury pad' Shirl, it even looks like there is a leaf duvet in there! How can they possibly resist? 😉 Ah but do they realise there is a price to pay and that they are in the Big Brothhog House and that their every move is being filmed 😉

    Lovely clear video!

  13. We're glad you have a lodger, you must be really thrilled, the video's are great, I bet your daughter is pleased too.

    Despite all our visitors, none have shown an interest in ours yet, we will have to but a sign up "house to rent" lol.

  14. Hi again Jan, you’d think so but perhaps it is slightly on the compact size. However, it seems to have attracted two hogs now although fortunately not at the same time… I’d love to see what would happen if they both arrived at the same time!

    Now, the duvet has been getting a little wet after the raindrops a larger hog has been shakin’ around da house. I’ll add some more dry leaves in the main chamber when I can get them. LOL… oh I’d guess a hog has aspirations for stardom… sonic springs to mind 😉

  15. Hi again Martyn & Jill, Thank-you, I really am! Although so far there have been at least a couple of different hogs visiting. My daughter was admiring the footage last night although that picture is a little less cute when you look closer 🙁

    Perhaps it’s a bit on the early side for regular visits to a hog house but the minute the temps drop there will be no need for a sign (fingers crossed). Visits of the last few nights to ours haven’t lasted long and have been earlier at around 9-10:30pm.

    I take still photos after I spot a visit to our house. When I look the next evening and there is no change in the patterns of leaves on the floor this tells me no further visits.

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