The cut flower area

Continuing with my Cambo weekend, let’s head next to the cut flower area (see map REF 7). Verbascum nigrum ‘Sixteen Candles’ was seen here back in September 2009 with its slender yellow branching spike. This area was on the slope towards the top of this walled garden area.

Wandering along meandering plant lined paths towards the garden seat with views back down the garden I also had one eye on the time. I had just 30 mins before the garden closed for the evening!

Although disappointed with the clock ticking, I was absolutely thrilled I had made this journey and really could not believe that this garden was just over an hour’s drive from me and I had never seen it before.

Please do indulge me as I post all these photos from this garden (which will enlarge if you click on them). I absolutely love the plants and plantings there and was smiling the whole way through my visit. The full tour will follow very soon with this post and the next serving as way points along the way.

Oh… for the record I’m not bursting to get into Spring and then on to Summer… although nice it will be. To be completely honest it is great to have a little time to catch up on blog posts I’ve wanted to find time to do for ages. Oops… really hope I’m not boring you all 🙂

Hope you’re having a good weekend 😀

All photos above were taken by me in on a visit to Cambo during September 2009.

11 thoughts on “The cut flower area

  1. do enjoy these images of cambo
    SO inspirational Shirl – post as many as you want … I can take it.

  2. Just lovely Shirl, the planting really is sumptuous! Isn't it horrible when you are visiting somewhere and know you only have a short time left and lots still to see? It has often happened to me and is so annoying!

  3. Hi again Nell, Lisa, Jan, Karen, Jan, Celia, Rob & Anna and hello Amy & Blossom 🙂

    Nell, It really has been a find. Hope you catch the next couple of posts on it. Glad you enjoyed the pics 😀

    Lisa, thank-you, now I wonder what you’ll think of the next tour 😀

    Amy, delighted you have enjoyed seeing this garden and all my photos. There are still a few to come yet and the post after this one has links to all the other postings, plantings and photos maybe you’ll enjoy them too 😀

    Jan, wonderful – I know exactly what you mean 😀

    Blossom, excellent! Thanks for stopping by 😀

    Karen, LOL… careful what you wish for 😉

    Jan, thank-you it certainly is. Yes, I’ve been caught out a few times in gardens like that. It was a hard think to do… but I just had to return another day 😉

    Celia, completely… oh to have space to make it happen 😀

    Rob, delighted you popped by. I intended leaving you a comment to say I’ve posted on Cambo again. I’ve just posted on the Prairie tonight you might like to see that one too 😀

    Anna, you are most welcome! Yes, I would tend to agree there 😀

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