Tulip photo fest

This invitation to all bloggers to post photos of tulips was inspired by the Bloms display at the 1st Tulip Festival at Cambo Gardens in Scotland. Taking a few quick photos after the Anna Pavord talk it wasn’t until I uploaded them that I truly saw in detail the beauty and incredible variety of these flowers. My jaw dropped!! I only wish now I had taken longer to actually look at them.

Please feel free to use and pass around the image above if you wish.

For those going to Malvern, Bloms will be exhibiting in the Floral Marquee so if you want to see these tulips for real yourself you may see them there. I didn’t photograph all the varieties on display at Cambo. Being conscious of the time and others viewing them too I only went for the ones that caught my eye at that moment.

~Royal Design~

Royal Design, Flaming Spring Green, Spring Green, Danceline, Carnaval De Nice, White Parrot, Aria Card, Snow Parrot, Rem’s Favourite, Ballade, Maytime, Charmeur, Blushing Beauty, Creme Lizard, Drumline, Apricot Parrot, Sensual Touch, Helmar, Abu Hassan and Exotic Emporor can all be seen in this posting.

~Flaming Spring Green~

~Spring Green~

~Spring Green~


~Carnaval De Nice~

~Carnaval De Nice~

~Carnaval De Nice~

~White Parrot~

~Aria Card~

~Snow Parrot~

~Rem’s Favourite~




~Blushing Beauty~

~Creme Lizard~


~Apricot Parrot~

~Sensual Touch~


~Abu Hassan~

~Exotic Emporor~

Gosh now… I’m guessing that there has to be a few tulips that have caught your eye here too. I wonder if you could pick three favs from this group of photos. A very hard choice but if really pushed mine would be Flaming Spring Green, Danceline and Abu Hassan.

I now welcome as many postings as possible with tulip photos in the link list below. Past postings would be great too. Please do share the favs from your garden, gardens you have visited or blooms you have seen at garden show. Let’s see how many tulips we can collect in the next week or so.

Let’s celebrate… The Tulip!

26 thoughts on “Tulip photo fest

  1. What a display of beauties! If I should pick just 3, it would be Spring Green, Flaming Spring Green and Aria Card.

    I love the idea of a Tulip Feast – I'll post some more Tulips soon!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Shirl, thank you so much for this fantastic display! I like all Parrots and Lizard and… all of them! Wonderful!

  3. I loved the photos from Cambo Shirl – I think having the black background really made them stand out. I do like the Spring Green ones and all those ones with the striking red going through the petals.

    I planted so many tulip bulbs this year that I had a blister on the palm of my hand when I had finished – and I was late planting them too – just before our dreadful winter took hold.

    I see my link is already up here on Mr Linky for my scented ones – someone must have placed it there for me so I thank them for that so I better get a tulip fest link added to my post. But I'm going to take photos of all my tulips this week and add another link.

    From you blogging neighbour Rosie 🙂

  4. Hi Shirl 🙂 How to pick three favourites out of this collection of beauties! But, my definite number one with no hesitation is Aria Card…just gorgeous. The other two were more difficult, the second is Creme Lizard and then I'm stuck between Exotic Emperor and Drumline but then of course there is…. 🙂 …It amazes me how many different ones there are!

    Great news too about the nest box, I do hope all goes well 🙂

  5. Hi Shirl, gorgeous photos. I partiularly love Abu Hassan, and will have ot get some for next year. Thanks for linking to me, I hope to take a few more photos today of flowers that have come out whilst I've been at Malvern. The Blom's Bulbs display at the show was beautiful, but my photos of it were rubbish.

  6. Hi Shirl,

    I found something very special just for you at Malvern 😉

    Unfortunately I had the same trouble with Bloms as HM. It was a very dull day and I hate using flash, so ended up with camera shake 🙁

    I'll let you know if I see any others on my travels. Have you seen Constant Gardener's recent post on getting the wrong tulips BTW?

  7. Sorry for my slow replies, having PC probs at the moment. Unfortunate timing. Thanks to OH for giving me time on his tonight 😀

    Randy, aren’t they just. Yes, Helmar caught my eye too… well named 😀

    Katarina, they are wonderful aren’t they. I had never seen so many different types before. Good choice, Spring Green was in my second top three! Thanks for joining in. That really is a fascinating one you have just posted… beauty or beast indeed.

    Patsi, yes, it’s just a great pity I didn’t look that little bit longer myself 🙂

    Tatyana, you are most welcome! I had heard about and seen parrots but the lizard was a completely new one to me. Such variety in flower type. Delighted you enjoyed them 😀

    Lisa, thanks more luck really. We did hope you did too. By the Mother’s Day comments I’ve seen around I’m guessing it was at the weekend. Hope you had a nice day 😀

    Rosie, glad you enjoyed seeing the photos. Oops, the background wasn’t black but in fact a deep blue/green. You can see it back in the Malvern post. I was trying to be quick and didn’t mean to use the flash in my camera as the room was well lit with natural daylight too. When I saw the black backgrounds appearing I then thought of my dark blog background and decided it would work well there and left my camera using the flash. Yes, I love those Spring greens too. Well, looking at your post I can see why you had blisters! What a selection you have there in your own garden. Fantastic. I went searching for links to add, delighted to see you have a custom post now too. Thanks for joining in 😀

    Jan, a fav three was a big ask… nice selection there too. I always find it fun to see everyone’s favs. I agree, I couldn’t believe how many different types there were. Thanks, egg laying continues… five now at a guess. Can’t see in the nestbox at the moment 🙁

    Happy, thank-you. Yep… I’m with you on Abu. You are most welcome for the link. Looking forward to seeing your recent flowers. I need to get a camera out in my own garden too. Can’t post any at the moment until my PC probs get sorted. Photo back up just completed so at least I haven’t lost my tulips ones… that was a worry! Paul at Bloms said he would mail me some photos of his stand. Hopefully he will sometime this week 😀

    VP, what a lovely thought… Shirley tulips just for me! Great to see everyone else enjoying them too. Have to confess to having camera shake probs myself. I set my camera to macro and quickly snapped as others were about. The flash went off and I just ignored it for a few shots. On preview mode I saw it gave a black background and as that suited my blog layout I just left it on and kept snapping. Thanks so much for joining me on this. I appreciate you’ve a lot of material for posts at the moment. Thanks for the thumbs up on the Constant Gardener’s post. I’ll add that link now 😀

  8. Shirl, I will take your link to my favorites..I will do an exhibition and I was searching for the names of tulips..congrats,. dear


    Have a nice day

  9. You have some lovely tulips in this post Shirl – delicious.

    I may have to change my shopping list for next Autumn 🙂

    I have put my post up and added to Mr Linky – such a good idea – I suspect after I have read everyone's posts my list will be even longer!

  10. What an incredible variety!!!! Just love all these magnificent tulips and I thank you so much for sharing them.

  11. Thank you for including my tulip post on your list. I'm in good company. Lovely tulips everyone!

  12. Hi Shirl!

    I'm always in favour for celebrating the tulip because Hello!Dutch. 😉

    Thanks for texting me it made me feel so very welcome and no, you didn't wake me up at all as I am an early riser. Pity you weren't able to make it to malvern too.


  13. Some beauties there Shirl and some that I can't make my mind up about 🙂 My last two posts have featured tulips and there's more to come.

  14. Shirl-greetings from another part of Chippenham. It was VP who directed me here-so glad I came by and found such treasures.

  15. Shirl, these are gorgeous photos, and I was very interested to see other-than-catalogue photos of some varieties I've toyed with growing. Also interested to see, again, how circumstances alter tulips: 'Blushing Beauty' was a much paler yellow in my garden.

    I'm looking forward to dipping into your bank of tulip celebration! Thanks for including links to some of my posts. I think celebrating tulips is an excellent idea, but then, I would.

  16. Brilliant Shirl…. I'm glad I failed in a photo, couldn't match those. Fabulous posting. Andrew

  17. I wish I had a tulip in my xericscape Texas garden to share! How beautiful and inspirational, Thank you!

  18. Hello everyone, thanks for all your comments. I hope you’ve all been having some great gardening weather too 😀

    Coastcard, glad you liked it. Greetings Wales 😀

    Grace, thanks… sounds good 😀

    garden harlot, me too… I’ve very few in my own garden 🙂

    Karen, yes I thought some were very tasty too. I’d never seen these varieties. I can see by your posting you are a tulip fan. Delighted to be sharing these with you. Thanks for joining me with a posting. Hope you enjoyed searching out more for your list 😀

    Denise, I agree completely. I was really taken with them too. You’re most welcome 😀

    Suzanne, you are most welcome. I loved your photos 😀

    Helen, aren’t they just. Yes, I certainly would. You are most welcome. I loved your displays 😀

    Yolanda, lol… I had a feeling you would 😉 You are most welcome… I wasn’t sure you’d still have the same number. I was delighted you got it. By the posts and photos I’ve been seeing it looks like you had a great time. Thanks xo

    Layanee, you are most welcome. I love the colour and shape of that ballerina one. Hope you enjoy a great display next year 😀

    Tyra, you are most welcome. As a new tulip fan I would tend to agree. Thank-you 😀

    Anna, yes the variety is good for suiting everyone’s tastes. Thanks for joining in. I loved your Prinses Irene… just beautiful markings and colour 😀

    Threadspider, welcome! Delighted you could join us 😀

    Pomona, thank-you. I took my photos in a hurry and really shouldn’t have taken them with a flash as there was enough natural light. The flash was a bonus in a way. However, I’m sure some colours aren’t completely true because of this. Perhaps BB was actually paler. I hope you enjoyed the celebration… I’m guessing you would have. I couldn’t miss out a posting or two from you. You have some stunning images 😀

    Andrew, thank-you! Taken in a hurry, I was just lucky that they turned out as they did. Delighted you enjoyed this one 😀

    Cheryl, yes… I hadn’t realised the tulip didn’t suit/last in parts of the US. Delighted you enjoyed this too 😀

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