8 thoughts on “Nestbox Diary, thinking about it

  1. They look so alert and anxious in that first photo. It is so exciting awaiting their launch into the real world.

  2. Hi Shirl ~ I found you and your fabulous nest box inhabitants through Midmarsh John's site. What amazing photos and videos you have of your feathered family ~ wonderful!

  3. Hi Shirl,

    As you will see from my last post, its been a long time since I regularly left comments on various blogs. But I have stopped by and read all your posts over the last few months.

    I have really enjoyed you nest box diary, great to see that you have had some luck this year! It must be so exciting to watch as they are so close to fledging. I'll look forward to seeing that 🙂

    Off to revise now, only a few exams left now!

  4. Wow they certainly have grown Shirl. All that caterpillar hunting has paid dividends for the parents.
    Loved watching your previous videos.

  5. Thank-you all, I’m delighted you’ve enjoyed seeing/following the family in our nestbox. I do appreciate you taking the time to comment especially when my posts have been rather lengthy on the nestbox. It has been so hard deciding what to leave out. This is a Diary for us to look back on too so I have indulged a little 😀

    Lisa, they do look alert here but the next day they really were behaving in a very excited fashion. I took many clips of video and its going to take some time to look through it to find the best, best bits 😉

    Lona, welcome! Thanks for joining us. They really have been both amusing and cute to watch… and that’s from me not being one for using the cute word too 😉

    Glo, welcome to you too! I am delighted you’ve made it over to see these long awaited wildlife moments from our nestbox. It really has been a privilege to share this. I’ve spotted your comments in the past to John and the poetry you have written for him. Nice to meet you. I’d also like to say thanks for passing on my link on your recent post and in comments too 😀

    Joe, hello there!! First off, hope the exams are going on ok. Good luck with them. Exams are over here in Scotland and my daughter has moved up to her final year of school now… scary for both her and us… that will be our family fledged by next summer. I’m delighted you’ve caught my photos and videos… guessing no luck in your box this year. Perhaps, too addictive viewing when you’ve exam study though. I do hope you get to see this for yourself as it is very special. Sh… not posted yet but they did it… all six eggs hatched and all six chicks fledged… although not all at the same time. We had videos watching all day on Saturday… we took it in shifts. I’ve heaps of video footage to look through now before I can even think about editing some film. I’ve photos up first. I hope you get a chance to see them. Once again, good luck with the rest of your exams 😀

    John, gosh and they really did! Definitely, I am absolutely certain the success of this family is due to the hunting by the male and the housekeeping of the female. I’ve heaps of video to look through from the weekend. Some interesting stuff too. It could be a few days before I sort it all. Maybe after that I can get back to my pond works 😉

  6. I've just caught up with the posts I missed, Shirl. I really am struggling to keep up with blogging especially as family 'stuff' keeps intervening.

    How quickly the little family seem to have grown! You must be thrilled that this year has been a success but what a heart stopping drama in the last post…now that is why I couldn't follow them in my garden. I know it sounds silly but I would get much too involved and if something went wrong I would be so upset.

    Great posts, and most enjoyable videos! Ooh, I nearly forgot, yes I'm really enjoying Springwatch although I have to look away when they have sad bits (much too sensitive for my own good) and it was great to see your pal Dave Culley on there, a very knowledgeable man!

    Finally (really) 🙂 I hope your fingers are improving, that sounded unpleasant and a real nuisance too.

  7. Hello again, Jan 🙂 Apologies to you once again for my lengthy postings that are not making it easy for you to keep up. I completely understand the trouble with fitting blogging, family and the garden at this time of year… as for housework!?

    Most of the time this Blue Tit family really were a joy to watch although I have to admit to having worries for them all at one or two points though. Yep… nature is heart stopping to watch isn’t it? Oh… these poor little Ring Plovers on SW 🙁

    Thanks, glad you’ve managed to visit and follow this story. Lol… you’ll be pleased to know you’ve earned yourself a little holiday over here. I’m taking a summer break after a couple more posts 🙂

    I need to catch up with a lot of stuff and take a step back to look at how I blog in the future. I fully intend to pop by with visits around Blogland from time to time… I don’t’ think you’ve heard the last from me quite yet 😀

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