Competitions: August 2010

What’s the approximate life span of a Goldfinch? Have you photos to enter the RHS or The BBC Countryfile Photographic competitions? Sorry deadlines are a bit close here.

An online search last night for dried mealworm prices took me to Haith’s where I bought live mini mealworms for a feeder when Blue tits were feeding young chicks in our camera nestbox back in June. Browsing through the site (which has changed since my last visit) I discovered a competition that I thought readers from the UK might be interested in.

For a chance to win 5kg of a bird seed mix (worth £13.20) just email @haiths.com with your answer the following question:

What’s the approximate life span of a Goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis)? A. 10 years, B. 4 years, C. 8 years.

After reading about this competition, I remembered I had wanted to post a reminder of ‘A Moment of Magic’ which is this year’s theme for the 2010 BBC Countryfile Photographic Competition. Sorry, if you were interested there isn’t much time left. The deadline is midnight on Friday 27 August, 2010. Maybe you’ve time left to look through your folders and have something already?

I liked the idea behind their theme this year ‘you can interpret that anyway you wish, as long as your photo captures a magical moment that makes the rest of us wish we’d been there to see it.’.

My moments of magic just now… not for this competition though 🙂

“Photographs must have the countryside or natural world at their heart, and can feature landscapes, people, British wildlife (plants and animals), farmyard animals or countryside activities, but no pets or garden plants please. And do state if the images are of British wildlife in captivity.”

If you are into garden photography then you might be interested in The RHS Photographic Competition 2010. You’ve a few more days on that with the closing date for entries being the 31 August 2010. Sorry, I guess I got an email on this one ages ago.

“The RHS supports great garden photography. Whether you’re a budding photographer, garden enthusiast or just someone who likes taking snap shots of the outdoors, there is a category and prize waiting for you. From a close-up detail of a leaf to a sweeping panoramic garden view, from people working in their gardens to the wildlife living in them, we want to celebrate the diversity of gardens through photography.”

Perhaps, if it’s a rainy day with you might like to browse your folders to see what you have. If its a sunny day you might want to get out with your camera. The RHS Photographic Competition has six categories!

The photos shown above were taken just after midnight last night. A new dish with only dried mealworms (back right) shows that mealworms seem to be what is bringing this particular hedgehog in to dine at Hedgehog Manor. Hence my search for mealworms last night.

I also moved the water dish to beside the entrance and it has been used now too. After another cat had a good look about here I returned the clear Perspex front that only has a door of 13cm x 13cm. This will keep leaves from blowing in and any rain too. Wondering now if I’ll ever see more than one hedgehog visit at the same time 🙂

Don’t know what the weather is going to do here today… its sunny and breezy at the moment. I really must get out and do some weeding and general tidying done. I’d like to get some photos to for a garden update soon too. Enjoy getting out in to your garden or out with your camera today if you can 😀

5 thoughts on “Competitions: August 2010

  1. I'm glad you moved the waterdish Shirl, I was worried in a risk assessment sort way they may drown! Are you planning to enter?…. we'll await the news 🙂 Andrew

  2. Shirl had to share – the first ever goldfinch was spotted in my garden this morning feeding from the niger seeds. Wonderful the older you get the more simple things in life make your day. 😀

  3. Hi again Lotusleaf, Andrew and Rosie,sorry I’ve taken so long with my replies 🙂

    Lotusleaf, thank-you we’ve had more since too. For the first time tonight I saw one Hedgehog in our feeding station eating sunflower hearts and at the same time the one in the photos above was eating mealworms on the veranda of the hedgehog house. They are both males so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens when the meet. I only spotted the new one for the first time last night. Magic moments ahead ensured now 🙂

    Andrew, lol… good point 😉 No, I won’t be entering… don’t have anything special or good enough. What about you? I loved your sea photos 🙂

    Rosie, thanks it was and as I’ve said above I believe we could have some interesting ones ahead too! Thanks for returning with news of your first goldfinch sighting. I can remember how thrilled I was with ours too. Such a tropical looking bird don’t you think. Now you have them watch out for the siskins next. They are so pretty too 😀

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