Wordless Wednesday: Pine Marten video

What a sweetie…

See original video source here. Note this is not my video.
Video location: overlooking Loch Ness in the Highlands of Scotland.

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6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Pine Marten video

  1. Now I'm really jealous – we stayed in a cottage overlooking Loch Ness in march and would have loved to have spotted a pine marten. WE had to be content with deer, a hare and pheasants in the garden. Obviously booked the wrong cottage!

    Was it filmed from inside or using a remote camera?

  2. Oops Sue, you may be even more jealous now when I tell you to take a look at the name of the holiday cottage where this was taken – you'll find it on the YouTube link. I really hope it wasn't the one you were at – I'd be very jealous for you then!

  3. Sorry Sue, forgot to add, I never took this video footage but my guess is that back in 2006 it was probably taken with a handheld camera from inside as you can hear soft voices.

  4. No it wasn't the same cottage. I thought the video must have been taken from indoors but then someone said the pine marten was fascinated by the camera and it seemed to come very close.

  5. Hi, i've just stumbled on your blog and I really love it.

    I hope you don't mind but I've mentioned you on my blog and put a link to your blog as I really like it, especially the photo's

  6. Hello there notjustgreenfingers , welcome to my blog and thanks for your kind comments and choosing my blog for your recent Saturday ‘Bump the Blog Day’.

    I’ve had a quick browse through your blog and I can see you’ve a wealth of experience you will be sharing on your new blog. I’ll be back 🙂 Welcome to the blogging world – have fun 😀

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