4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Monocarpic Meconopsis

  1. If it's like the one you have shown other years then it certainly is worth waiting for 🙂

    Shirley please don't worry if you are busy (I know it's a busy time of year in the garden) but I'm just a tad concerned you may not have received the email I sent you on May 15th.

  2. Hello everyone and thanks for all your comments 🙂

    Sue, ah yes the blue meconopsis are pretty special – I have one of these still bringing back flowers after many years (bought at a garden show sell off on last day). I bought the three young 'mixed' monocarpic ones quite a few years ago now at a local nursery and hoped they would be yellow or red – I loved the red I had seen at a local garden. The first flowered yellow back on the 15th of May 2011. This is also in flower now and it too is yellow – still stunning non the less. I will remember to collect its seed this time but can’t imagine how long it could take to flower from seed.

    Jan, well done you for remembering it is exactly that. I was secretly hoping for a red flower this time (and I’m not a red flower fan) as when the light shines through the red it is mesmerising. Thanks for your email and concern on me not replying. It was a pretty intense time as you now know. The results were all good as I mention at the end of my next post – phew!

    Carolyn, they were and they have opened to yellow flowers that look like paper 🙂

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